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Black Girls in Wegmans

If it's one thing about me-I am a #wegmans whoooore!! My wknd routine is pretty consistent and u will ALWAYS find me shopping here EVERY week. I've been a faithful member since they've arrived about 5 yrs ago or so and there's no other place I'd rather be. Some people consider it expensive but I see it as...organized, comforting, reasonable and well lit (pun intended-i meeeean have u ever NOT enjoyed their playlist). I go bright n early to cruise each aisle. I can get lost in there for hours and stumble upon new finds of snacks to try out but the options between organic and the ready to go meals are gourmet n delish!!

Nonetheless, this post isn't about me trying to sell u on elevating your grocery list by visiting Wegmans. It's about stepping out and into ur glory of goodness by any means necessary. These iconic heels were reviewed here and I use every opportunity to rock them accordingly.

The designer of this infamous shoe, Keeyahri, recently did an #IGlive chatting on the idea behind the designs of her shoes and coming up w/future designs to cater to consumers who opt for more casual wear. Then she said these heels were more of a party shoe and how nobody would wear them to the grocery store....


I was shocked like nobody as extra as iiiiiii to dress up n get siddity just becuuuuuuz??? I do not believe in saving outfits for "special occasions" becuz I dress how I feel n there's no better time than NOW to be overdressed as you please. My favorite part of going to work was dressing up according to my mood for the day. My #WerkCouture consisted of fascinators n sequins on any random day. Getting lavishly dressed to go to the grocery store would be no different. With the current lockdowns happening, what the hell else are u waiting for?

So I decided to strut into my neighborhood Wegmans in the finest of caftans which I also lounge in at home n set up my tripodographer (since Mason ditched me) n enjoy a morning photoshoot in the aisles of grocer-rez (cuz im fancy). While I know it maybe a bit over the top picking produce in this attire, I wanted to show y'all that YES it can be done-more often!!

I liiiiiive for anything dramatic n extra. When I do random shoots off the solo there's a #BadBytch playlist in my head to sice me. I get stares n glares but I don't care. I give them a show honey!! I challenge myself to do the most unordinary shyt n it brings me joy. Try it-You'll love it here. The next time u wanna boost ur mood, get dolled up n hit the grocery store for ur next run-I WANNA SEEEEEE, tag me in all the supermark-kay couture.

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