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luxury splurge: keeyahri

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I am frugal to a certain degree-I still indulge in a little splurge here n there becuz well-I deserve. I came across these heels over the summer n swooned instantly just off the image alone but went about my business. As algorithms n big brother would have it, they popped up on my feed again so this time I took it a step further n peeped her profile on IG I said oooh okaaaay these are gorgeous but err uuuh I wasn't quite ready to fully commit to the price just yet.

The months continued to roll on n yet this signature heel was in the back of my head n when I took a peek to window shop they were sold out. I was randomly scouring Nordies looking to add my graduation gift to my wishlist. I came across some red bottoms to my liking n put em in my wishlist-then I thought...instead of putting my monies into a popular shoe designer, why not divert these funds to a BLACK WOMAN of a luxury brand.

I instantly thought of Keeyahri and even tho my shoes were sold out it wouldn't hurt to get on my wishlist. But as luck would have it...they were BYKE!!! Look at GAWD. So as excited as I was to see them IN STOCK, this would by far be my most expensive gift to self. The most I've ever spent on shoes were about $250 so I knew these splurges would need to be well worth the monies. Although I am set on getting em, I'm still nervous so I peek into my account n find myself doin the infamous Diddy stare down wit my own money:

I'm looking at the shoes...#keeyahri shoes looking at me! I'm looking at my bank account, bank acct looking at me but my reason to support her was far greater than the price in itself n that is what made me comfy wit hitting submit n going through wit the sale!!

I was soooo excited upon the arrival. I had been swooning for months n although these were intended to be for graduation, I just couldn't chance passing em up n they not being in stock for next Spring. The service was top notch, the private unboxing was magical and I had no buyers remorse in sight.

The added touch of the thank you note always warms my heart. It's the simple things for me n the extra mile to show appreciation that makes me happy to have spent my money.

They come with a satin shoe bag to store these beauties in and the many inspirations of what I'll wear with these going through my mind.

Let me get down to the get down...this is an honest review, not sponsored....Ready...

Keeyahri Jenine

I am sooo in love with these. I originally ordered a size 39 and they didn't fit comfortably. I am a true size 8 but when it comes to pointy toes...I am an 8 1/2 so I should've went with my gut instinct to get a size 40. No fret, I hit Keya up and she sent a return slip to exchange. Shipping was quick too! The 40's fit like a dreeeeam. I don't know about chall but I've never spoken to Steve Madden let alone a Louboutin when I needed to exchange some shoes or had questions on sizing. I am honored to have these in my stash n loved supporting this brand. The bold statement heel is what sold me, the quality in leather is what keeps me! I am learning to be strategic with my monies-well...trying to be these days lol. If you come across any of #luxuryblackowned designers I should be aware of...let me know! Don't be stingy and share. My #WerkCouture has officially been elevated. Definitely check Keeyahri out, I can't wait to see what she comes with next.

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