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Style Story: Groove Thang Couture

The fun part of getting dressed is using a method to madness. Whether I'm getting dressed to a mood or using how the weather can dictate my mood; I can take pretty much anything to inspire me on curating an outfit. For this weekend, the weather was JY LIKE wonky n teetered between 60 to barely touching 70 but in the was a cool 55-ish n what encouraged the ensemble centered around my sunglasses and a 90's classic.

As an 80's baby who grew up in the 90's; listening to old tunes takes me back. Between the song n these sunglasses, I crafted my outfit surrounding the nostalgic feeling yet kept it current enuff to not look dated.

I didn't feel like unwrapping my hair n didn't have a scarf to go along with my outift so I grabbed this vintage hat (old from thrift store). I love my bag but unfortunately, it's no longer in stock-no fret...I found a good alternative on sale for $26: here

As a lover of sunglasses, I came across this eyeglass pouch but just know it only fits standard size glasses.

Outfit Deets:

Sweatshirt (H&M-last Fall)

Jeans (Target-last Summer)

Clear Kittens (ASOS-before it was a trend)

The fun part about recreating the outfit is how easy it is to do becuz u more than likely have this in ur closet. While Zhane's song played in my head, I couldn't help but think...this LEWK could be worn to the park with flats or tennis shoes, a cookout or a cool sunset date. Getting dressed doesn't have to be so stressful. I liked how the gold hardware which accented the shoulder of the sweater collaborated with the center piece (glasses) n the vintage earrings just helped me break up the neutral-ness of the shades.

My signature is always an unexpected BAM, yet the earrings are so subtle-like a quiet confidence...As u can see, I didn't do anything elaborate n the song just came to me the more I centered my outfit around the glasses. I fell into the vibe ;)

Challenge urself to picking a song n dressing ur intrepretation of the sound, the artist n place urself in a time when u first heard it n how it made u feel then...dress accordingly.

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