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Weekend Wrap Up: Spontaneous Sprinkles

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

OOoooh, I'm kinda liking these weekend wrap ups! While my life is far too boring for Vlogs lol, they keeping me consistent wit the content...mmm hmmm!! This weekend was full of spontaneous pop ups where I sprinkled my love during drop in's with family...and shopping! Let's rewind to FryYaaaay:

How to wear flamingos
OOTD: Flamingo Couture

I absolutely HATE shopping for jeans n it takes a minute for me to find the right pair with the right fit n look I'm goin for. These are from New York & Co n they'll do for now! I'm a fan of wide legs n the more flare the better...if yall know of somewhere to grab em, let me know! This outfit was off a whim. Someone reached out inquiring about my #FlamingoCrossbody bag n I had to decline her offer to sell it. I love collecting quirky bags so if anyone inherits them it'll be my niece. I felt a little "trade" (lol) n tossed on this ASOS's flamingo shirt from the men's section n yall know I am of the kitty heel committee lol n these are vintage Nordstrom Rack in the perfect bubble gum pink. I made a quick Neiman's run...shhhh don't tell Nordies then headed for lunch with an old colleague who celebrated me for graduation. She was actually one of the ones who stayed on my azz n encouraged me to keep pushing for my BA.

Now yall know...unless ur new weekends get kicked off with a Starbucks run! I actually attempted my morning walk BEFORE Starbucks but the weather tricked me n it started pouring down raining soon as I stepped out at 0530a. I had already did my weekly wegmans run n didn't need anything from target.

I tossed on some comfy #loungewear n did some surprise pop ups to family! I didn't get a chance to give my stepdad his Fathers Day gift last weekend so I pulled up n reminded him, I'm forever indebted to him by the way he took care of my mom til she died. Gave him a hug I knew he needed n made my way to my brothers to sprinkle him with love. I make it my business to check up on my "guys" becuz I understand life be life'n n they can be on hustle mode so much they get lost n forget about themselves. Hard being a black I heard. I just wanted to pop in n give em some of my energy n ask them if there's anything I can do to be of service n relieve some pressure whether it's a lended ear or dinner date. I even offered to swap houses wit my brother to give him a change of scenery n luxury of waking up to a quiet KID FREE home lol. Check on ur strong friends they say...also check on the guys in ur life. They won't verbally say they are not ok so use ur intuition.

After sprinkling love amongst good men all Saturday...I was looking forward to Sunday for weeks after getting the invite for brunch from my girl Lorna aka LoLo who has been bae n my spirit twin since I met her years ago at a blogging event. I am not one to be against the "no new friends" rule becuz I've met some great women who've lasted longer than 90 days lol. We dined at La Vie downtown n Kiki'd over Rozay Sangria which was delish (I think that's the drink...I normally don't drink lol) My favorite dish there is the lamb chops but we were brunch'n, we did small plates n I was greedy trying everything lol.

Brunch at La Vie in DC at The Wharf
Paparazzi Photo Cred: @cystumofcurves

Let's just say between the food I overindulged on and the's sautéed air sandwiches all week for me. Overall my weekend was a blast. I am normally pretty chill and IN the house but it felt good to spend chunks of time with family n friends. Moments that aren't always captured with every movement to be fully engaged n presently lost in the convo where u don't even think to look at ur phone. Girl chats are so much better and animated in person! I have no plans for this holiday weekend (wait lemme check my books), I like to space out my outside time to recharge n sit still which maintains my own sanity. I also gotta catch up with piles of clothes that need to be purged n keep my house maintained to be a tranquil sanctuary to enjoy throughout the week since I thoroughly enjoy being home. Ya never know where I might be. I could plot to make spontaneous pop ups n pull ups on yall...standby for the call; u could be next lol.

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