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Weekend Rewind: Three Years Ago

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

I've had a fascinating weekend. I set aside time to self becuz I always feel some type of way during my kids birthdays. I get all emotional preparing for their plus one each year. Although I am 15 years in the game now, it's hard to be watching another one grow up before my very eyes so fast. It really does feel like just yesterday I was wheeled into Labor n Delivery with my heart racing in anticipation of bringing this dream baby to the finish line. After all the heartburn n restless nights, 38 wks last hoorah would be earth side.

Rainbow Baby
08 January

And just like that, my little Toot Toot was cut out into the world n made me a mom again! If ever u need to brought up to speed on how this came to be; feel free to dip back to some vintage balls dropped:

Maybe some time this year I'll revisit these myself n do a finale post to tie it all together. To have taken on this role for reasons outside of myself has been rewarding. Our modern family has been expanding n locked with this bundle of joy. Reflecting back on the journey n to see where we are today, it was totally worth it. I always say, if I were younger I'd do it again. In such 3 short years, I've grown so much through rejuvenated eyes and a refreshing heart by way of this little boy n his adorable-ness gets me every time. I love that lil' ol' boy.

snatchback after baby
Still working on my snatchback

My Lil Toot is a whole THREE yall. He definitely has love in an abundance n his terror tot-ness **eyeroll** tests my patience. I just know with how fast time is flying, I wanna enjoy these tiny moments as long as possible. I'm fascinated by his development n awareness to express himself (sometimes too much) and my boys are really doing a great job. It feels good to dip in the frat house to check on em n sprinkle some feminine energy in the place. To see him n Mason interact when he calls him "brother" n babble a full convo in his room is hilarious. I remind Mason he has great responsibility being the elder becuz he'll naturally look up to his big brother. My last!! I'm blessed to see the day n look forward to many more. Just know if any more kids come out-they ain't mine!! My 2 boys are handfuls enuff lol.

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