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Weekend Rewind: Happy MLK Day

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This has been the coziest most chill weekend and I am LOVING it. Here is where I get in my winter baby bag n enjoy being home becuz its just too cold to be outside. A quick Wegmans run to prepare for the snow storm n learning stillness has done my soul some good. There was once upon a time I turned my nose up at being boring n now I welcome it. Sitting my azz still keeps me out of trouble esp financially lol. The year started off a tad rough with inclement weather n trying to find a balance in a routine has been difficult. We gonna get it together tho. I've been deliberating with myself to put some actions behind these intentions n fully focus on constantly bettering myself. Reflecting from my weekend...

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Speech at Park-Sheraton Hotel, 1962

I recently had an outing with a "stranger" I met via another "stranger" I only know via IG. Sounds weird right lol but I have been heavily protected with cultivating long lasting relationships with people I've met outside of the norm. There's something special with connecting with like-minded souls via ur phone and anticipating the infamous link up to where u just CLICK!! I know people have trust issues n we've been so traumatized by past stings so there's a block we put up when it comes to meeting new people. We don't know what the intentions are n for some reason we ponder...why they so good to me? I've grown to declutter n trust with a discerning heart of others. You can't truly listen to ur heart if u are so focused on the negative n possibilities of what isn't even present. We talk ourselves out of stepping in faith too often instead of trusting our judgement. The change in mindset has served me well n I am grateful for my "strangers". Yall have really rejuvenated my life in ways that confirm I am so covered. I don't just exchange numbers with just anybody becuz I value my time n anything beyond social media is very real to me.

"Hate is too great a burden to bear. I have decided to love."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,"Where Do We Go From Here?" speech, 1967

Within this chapter of my life, my friendships in the land of sisterhood is important to me. I am not recruiting but letting the universe guide itself in whatever way it should be fostered. There's this unspoken agreement where we know life happens but make it our business to tap in here n there to let each other know we are on the minds. I love that for us! My girls collectively have been amazing and we value each other in many ways to where the support is there. I say all this to say...the relationships we have with each other is an underrated richness everyone should strive to have. There's no heaux left behind in my camp n we all utilize each other as resources n voices of reason. As this post swirls n relates to quotes of the late Martin Loofah Da Kang...choose love! Choose to walk in honor of and represent each other in the best light possible. Whenever someone speaks in a space of hurt, I am a listening ear. Just know when u coming to chat n speak in a space of fear n scarcity that's where the buck stops for me becuz I know the potential u possess n we don't operate in nothing half azz. Thank yall for taking the leap n also trusting me...that I aint no serial killer **kicks zip ties under bed** cuz we all be taking chances these days n to welcome the greater possibilities of positivity is what motivates me to continue my walk in the land of abundance!

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