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Weekend Rewind:Extended Love

Welcome back to extended weekend thanks to the Presidential Holiday! Yaaay...the last holiday until May **cue horror scream** We are on the last stretch of the month and my lips have 7 more days til #RedLipsOfLove ends and a month away from Spring! My weekend was so filled with love and I'm excited to share...

My typical Starbucks Saturday was paused due to the lack of energy I had toting a Terror Tot in the cold. The temp dropped harder than a spade cutting a book in a card game as it went from 70 degrees Friday to 25 by Sat morning. I enjoyed my cupcake (my lil Toot) n a caramel cheesecake from Le Cake Boutique w/my SB backup-caramel macchiato (courtesy of Wegmans lol).

I must say...I've been quite addicted to this small business bakery nearby in Stonebridge Town Center. I've been showing my face every few days to snatch up some macaroons which saves me a drive to Tyson's for Olivia's. I prefer to support smaller businesses of quality and because I am a familiar face, it's comforting giving my dollars to where they are appreciated and welcomed. I seem to experience better customer service with small businesses and I think we should recognize n support them more often to give some light to those who don't have the heavy manufacturers n brands backing them. Small businesses are organic and Le Cake Boutique offers a variety of sweets to enjoy.

Saturday was National Wine Day and while yall know I am not much of a drinker, I am a newbie to the wine world. During the pandemic I became a slight sipper and found sweet reds are my fave. I'm no connoisseur to the level of pairings but I do look forward to visiting vineyards in the area and enjoying chatter n charcuterie boards for lunch this summer with my girls. Speaking of my girls...I enjoyed fellowship with old friends and new ones.

I was excited to be apart of a surprise bridal shower over the weekend to celebrate my girls journey to entering the Wives Club. It was beautiful (and cultured) to see the love of family n friends to shower the bride-to-be. I can check Ethiopian cuisine off my bucket list and dabbled in some shoulder shimmies that I clearly need to work on before the wedding.

As I continue to evolve on this journey of elevation, I find myself in great company after connecting with followers turned friends thanks to IG. I found my girl Vee, early last year and as we would randomly kiki in the DM's I learned after her retirement from the military she'd be relocating to the DMV area. Sweeeet-I love a good link! We finally made it happen to meet in person and our fellowship didn't disappoint. I know for some people the initial meet n greet can be leery cuz lets be real-folks be WEIRD! Proud to announce she didn't kidnap me n we nibbled on crepes n sipped THE BEST caramel macchiato from Cafe Du Soleil. It's a quaint small business tucked in Old Town Alexandria n I'll definitely return. After Vee was chatting it up with the server, we learned it was a black owned establishment n her charm n engagement got us some complimentary mimosas-cheers to kindness n sips on blessings! I am thankful n grateful how my tribe-village-sisterhood is extending to like minded women where we find each other as safe spaces. I look forward to all of coming together with mini meetups to pour into each other n check in to ensure we staying on track to greatness.

A great weekend was had indeed with extended love to old friends and the start of new friendships. Also note, my red lips continue but if it's a repeat...I don't make a fresh blog post lol-no need to be redundant. Just know I have been the C word-Consistent :)

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