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Weekend Rewind:Coffee + Red Lipstick

This was a quick weekend of nothings! It was colder than a Jadakiss freestyle over the weekend and that wind was cutting harder than freshly laced Timbs! I was not expecting to get blown over during my Saturday Starbucks run so I knew my movement would be limited.

Starbucks Chestnut Praline
Starbucks Chestnut Praline w/ 2 pumps of white mocha

Hibernating didn't stop my #RedLipsOfLove and I kept the party goin by being just as fly (and warm) at home. For Saturday I used a combo of Mandarin Muse (matte) with a blast from the past by Revlon Colorburst in Adorned (gloss n discontinued). This is one of the most pigmented glosses I have for under $10 n comfy to wear. It gives full coverage in the slightest pass. I don't know if they still sell the color burst cuz I'm not a drugstore kinda gal-also not really into glosses like that but these are poppin!

Not only was watching #PowerBook Finale the highlight of my weekend lol, it was also a trip to Target. Yall kept recommending The Lip Bar on my post n I accidentally fell into that dmn store like I normally do every few days, smh, and grabbed it to give it a whirl. This was a cozy n productive weekend as we stroll into half the month.

Now-Now...I know I said I'd drop my weekend lips on one post but it just wouldn't be fair to overload yall with so much redness of lips on ONE post now hahaha. Standby for the interlude....

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