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The Book of Hov

The joys of having a teenager n not chasing after toddlers during the week is the ability to take spontaneous trips "down the street". My boys had initially asked me the infamous "what you doin on **insert day u know will be followed by request of some sort** and after I said nothing...I'm like wait...where yall goin? **gracefully passes baton for kid pick up line**

I said-BET!!! I am down becuz I've been wanting to get up there to visit the Book of HOV's exhibit at the Brooklyn Library so to tag along on their day trip...don't mind if I do n even better the weather was superb!! 

If u grew up during the Reasonable Doubt are as amazed as I am to see our favorite rappers grow old gracefully so to see such an icon of Jigga's magnitude have an installation created by Roc Nation to celebrate Mr. Carter is grand. The experience starts before u even hit the doors with a preview display outside (there's also his Lex on the side which was quite nostalgic) and when u enter (for FREE) ur then greeted with the synonymous "triangle hands". Grab a Hov booklet n make ur rounds...

If ur a museum go-er, I would definitely advise u to submerse urself in the art itself n leave room to take pics...later! You learn so much about Jay-Z's global impact through his eyes whether its a sea of backstage passes, endless magazine covers and articles and videos which highlight him as a musician and philantropist. 

What impressed me most was the original recording of his masters which for a man of his magnitude is MAJOR. The whole journey throughout the library inspired me as the message seemed to be quite simple...BET ON URSELF!!!

We so often suppress our talents out of fear n u scared to even toss it out becuz ur gift of what ur sharing will get lost amongst everyone else with similar talents. To BET ON URSELF and maintain ur stance in knowing ur worth n not letting someone diminish ur value. 

From humble beginnings to finding ur purpose n not allowing failure to be an option is mesmerizing becuz we all have the ability to make something out of nothing. I won't get into too much how I interalized it for my own interpretation but...

Yes! For sure u should take a quick day trip n visit for the culture n just something outside the norm for urself. Breaks up the week n rejuvenates the energy with a change of scenary.

We parked nearby and grabbed lunch down the street from Cheryl's Global Soul and the food was VERY flavorful-I'd highly suggest them. I got the Coconut Curry Wings in the Global Bowl and it was fulfilling (I always have leftovers). I was able to snag a bite of Dee's Roasted Jerk Pork which I'd highly recommend becuz it was tender, well marinated n spicy (which I have no bidness enjoying).

To end a marvelous adventure, I topped it off with the African American urge to get something sweet after something to eat, lol. Were yall able to catch the Hov exhibit in Brooklyn? The artsy side of me wants to start catching more of these in n outside the area. I hope more influential stars follow so we can deep dive into their legacy n career accolades. It also makes me wonder...if I were to have a museum...what would I have inside to depict my accomplishments n growth throughout life??? Hmmm...something to think about.

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