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The Art of Paying Homage

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

This has been weighing on my heart cuz I've been pretty observant lately. I peep it, make note n forget about it-til I keep seeing it pop up as a reminder! Some of y'all heaux is some "Single White Females" n it's upsetting to me n my homegirls lol but no's creepy. I am all for inspiring..motivating and elevating-but my integrity n character will NOT allow me to copy n snatch someone's ideas without giving credit.

I'm not saying we've totally invented all new shyt but there is a certain signature we all have and do where it's quite noticeable if someone else tries to "swagger jack" it. Being in the blogger sphere u get to knowing who u follow through interactions on social media n cultivate a certain relationship. There's an art to being able to pay homage to who or what inspires u-simply give credit the inspo. Imitation is defined by an act of copying. Yes, it's a form of flattery n blah, blah, blah but at what point does the promo of individuality get lost and teeters the verge of fake flattery?

The Art of Paying Homage

The inspiration for my look comes from a blogger who's style I've always admired. She's a stylist based in ATL. She totally kills it EVERY.TIME becuz she does out of the box looks that's right up my alley. She posted a look n I said OMG, I have similar pants...lemme see if I can dupe the style-yet make it my own.

As you can see Melodie gave a perfect intro to #mixedprints for those who wanna dip their foot in the water. Polka dots is one of my favorite prints and pairing it with grid pants is a no brainer! This is how u pay homage. I "copied" her style yet made it my own with a splash of color. More times than not, you'll always see me toss in a hint of color when I wear black/white combos. The thing when plagiarizing someone's style is..."it's only so long fake thugs can pretend" n while I'm sure it discourages those who share their style only for it to be ripped off; I'd say DONT STOP!! Keep doin u! There is nobody no matter how much they copy with the ability to keep up with what ur doin n how ur doin it. I see how other people copy n do their inspirations no justice. Now some shyt is ka-winky-dink becuz great minds think alike but when it becomes far too often where I see it numerous times-i'm side eyeing the authenticity of the idea.

I am honored when someone pays me a compliment by shouting me out to tag me in whatever I've influenced them with. I share my loves n must haves becuz there's room for all of us to be fab. We can both be seen in the streets or at an event with the same outfit n it wouldn't matter becuz I have my own self of confidence n personality to what I'm wearing that is the cherry on top! I feel there's a certain insecurity one must have to intentionally take someone's creative expression n not give props. Please be sure to follow Melodie for more fashionable lewks. It was quite fun mocking her flair n I look forward to paying more homage to you all who inspire me.

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