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The Art of Affirming Urself

Affirmations are what u tell urself for motivation with positive patterns of thinking. To affirm is to assert. To affirm urself is increasing ur confidence n raising self-esteem. The misuse of affirmations is the lack of action. U can tell urself ur superman all day but if ur not putting in the superman work-ur back at square one. There's no magic pill or I AM t-shirt that can make u BECOME any faster without allotting urself patience n due diligence of making affirming urself apart of ur lifestyle. So while we know affirmations to say, I'll focus on some u can do. These practices turned into a habit for me:

  • Honor Yourself: Be as consistent with urself as u want for a partner to be with u. Do u have a routine? I am an early riser. I have a morning n bedtime routine. My most consistent routine is making my bed every morning n finding pockets of peace throughout the day where I pause n show gratitude.

  • Therapy: For the Love of Ray J, seek professional help. Also, not having an echo chamber of friends who don't feel like they can tug on ur coat tails to wheel u back in. Real friends don't enable foolishness n offer listening ears. Note: Surprise-no surprise, I am not a doctor nor certified psychologists in nothing outside of my own life experiences. Keep in mind low-self esteem n negative thought patterns can stem from depression n anxiety. Professional help can give coping strategies my crazy azz cannot.

  • Love Urself fully even the flaws: cultivate urself by getting to know urself. Date urself, if u don't even like hanging wit urself, why would anyone else want to. I've always loved going to the movies n having a table for one on an off day. Goin solo has a lot of benefits. You're more likely to be approached by suitors n if ya lucky...treated to free meals.

  • Give Grace: I do not dwell on the past I can't change. I've forgiven folks without having talkin to them for "closure" becuz while we love to have a grand finale convo to close the door...the closure is for YOU not them.

  • Get a phkn LIFE: in the words of my BD Rickey, "getchu some business". U need busy work as in a hobby. Finding joy in life for me has been my Sip Trip Saturday's, random walks in the neighborhood or even window shopping. As a homebody, I am content wit being IN the house. When u are bored ur mind wonders in places n puts urself in business u aint got no bidness. What's the old folks sayin "idle minds/hands are the devil's workshop".

These tips have worked for me n there are many other ways to incorporate as well. The dedication I've made to myself has kept me honest becuz I stand tall in myself. I can enter rooms with a pronounced presence n I've reaped many benefits of showing kindness. The journey of self-improvement isn't easy. Be patient with urself. Don't look at urself as a failure if some strategies don't work for u. It just means u may need to find a different route. I love seeing folks affirm themselves. It unlocks a level of self-love that offends others who can't fathom n I loooove it.

How do u choose to affirm urself? Share tips for us all in the comments below.

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