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The Art of Easy Living

Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, life is but a dream. I notice we make life harder than it has to be. I don’t know if it’s becuz we gotta prove shyt or if we’ve been so caught up in the hustle n grind it’s the only life we know but honeychiiiiiiiiile lemme tell ya somethin…it ain’t gotta be this way! Often times we are captivated by the poverty mindset, it's hard to even fathom a life of abundance being obtainable or maybe u think u gotta be rich to enjoy the lifestyle. Whatever the reason, just know ur deserving of a life to be smooth sailing.

Make no mistake I’m not saying everyday is gonna be a fresh crop of flowers greeting u and breakfast in bed made by whomever of ur dreams-No! Let’s be real here…but I am saying some of y’all heaux out here looking sad by choice n I’m here to help pull u out of that drought of misery. The first leap of faith is always the hardest but when u start seeing a change in outcomes, you'll understand the magic of it all. I know the trendy wave is the M word: Manifest but this is a full lifestyle change to aide in the manifestations (which seems to have replaced or has become a new way to say prayers).

I have no time frame for how long this will take u once u start the journey, the pace u go is up to u. It took me a while to reap the benefits but I also didn't realize what I was sowing until recent. U can either continue to wither away in Mary J sad songs or come to the greener side as Groove Me by Guy stays on blast. I’ll give y’all a solid 5 to start on how to enjoy life being as easy like Sunday morniiiiiing.

How to live a Soft n Gentle Life

  • Phk deez kids (if u can't relate, feel free to skip): Yes, we love our kids n sacrifice n blah blah blah. Once u get pass all the default lovey dovey shyt u must recognize u have to make urself a priority. In 2017 I did a post; Selfish Mother becuz I had to learn the hard way after losing my mojo. My kids don't come before me (outside of necessities) becuz I've learned after prioritizing myself, I can maximize being the best mom to them with a greater sense of patience n understanding. I've developed a good relationship with them learning how to effectively love them n communicate after putting me first. There's room to pour even more into my kids without the stress of being overwhelmed at the job.

  • Rebuke Struggle Love: (this can also include friends) I am at the point to where, I don't wanna work hard to maintain relationships. There should be a certain groove that happens between us to where, we just-get it. Although my weakness (or toxic trait lol) can be non-verbal communication cuz I can read people fairly well n either we have the spark or we don't but this love affair should be like 2 people on a see-saw. You give n get n keep the effort going up n down via collaboration. I don't have to question anyone's loyalty, I don't need to chase a man n I'm able to recognize genuine people who mean no harm. You have to let go of folks who don't add value n makes u feel as negative as they are. If I am sunshine, I wanna inspire someone who may not be in the best mood to at least push out a smirk with my "me-ness" n vice versa. YOU control who u allow into ur life n I am picky with whom I choose to have relationships with becuz I know it can affect my overall being with who n what I associate with.

  • Pay the 5 Gina: I really should start a segment called "we make too much money to..." becuz the poverty mindset from childhood seems to have followed us into adulthood. I am not saying blow money fast but come ooooon, we are making twice as much as our parents n we have surely moved up to the deluxe apartment in the sky-hi-hi. In my IG stories recently, I had did a quick soapbox about renting vs buying. I do NOT debate on this topic becuz this is subjective to everyone's lifestyle and pockets. As it relates to me, I prefer luxury living n I "pay the 5" for convenience. Growing up I had to hand wash dishes. A dishwasher was such a luxury n took the load off **pun intended** from manual labor. We never ran it without a full load to avoid wasting water. Fast forward to today where appliances are energy efficient. I have no qualms nor shame in my game to hit that phkn start button to the dishwasher without it being full **gasp n cue great aunt rolling in her grave** I'm just not about working hard. There are also times where I'd go grocery shopping n still grab something to eat cuz I don't feel like cooking-what I just got at Wegman's. Crazy right lol, but it's just easy living for me n I am blessed with the options to do so.

  • Stop stressing: I know I know, easier said than done. We be so obsessed with overthinking n chasing this idea of everything has to be juuuuust right. Old folks always say "when it rains, it pours" and just when u think u got ahead it's always something. Whenever I get these knocks to throw me off balance, I always allow myself to feel sad or mad. I mean, I can't avoid my initial reaction. Nobody ever hits their toe or have any injuries n say "this feels great" with a smile. No! There's a ying yang to life. Remember when I said earlier, everything isn't rosy all the time. When the rain comes, I don't sit in gloom too long becuz I shrug my shoulders n Que Sera Sera cuz I can't stress over nothing I can't control. I had an incident where I was ticketed AND towed (totally my fault n I had no problem taking ownership of the laziness) n although it was an inconvenience, I didn't allow myself to sit in the loss. I take all my tickets to court n I was taking this whooping like a G. Whether I have the funds or not, I always maintain the attitude to where the money will come. I have no idea how or where from, I just know a way WILL be made. After the ordeal, life goes on n out the blue I receive a call from a rep from the courts who is aware of my ticket n blesses me with clearing my debt n dismissing the ticket. Byyyyyyyyyytch....

LOOK AT GAWD!!! I couldn't thank that man enuff for such great UNEXPECTED news!! The thing is...there are plenty more of these stories that work in my favor since adapting this soft way of living. While I am aware nobody takes these types of chances as I do, I just know at the end of the day-HE got me! Whhhheeeeew **steps away for another praise break** It's moments like this that reminds me how real God is and how I have angels looking out for me.

Pink Knit Cardigan
Petaling Pink Couture courtesy of my stepma knit cardigan n scarf

Ok, we are almost done. I could really go on n prolly do a Part Deux but these are quick starters. we go...

  • Take Pride in yo self: Yall know I preach this quite often. Care about urself as much as u care to dress up on special occasions. The same efforts n energy u put into putting ur best foot forward for a job interview, keep that same mentality in ur everyday life. I enjoy waking up n the first thing I do before the typical morning routine is make my bed up! It’s the ONE thing I know if I don’t do anything else for the day-I've accomplished something. Taking pride in urself is also fostering relationships n making intentional time with friends n fam. I enjoy planning time wit friends n looking forward to the date. Moving with intentions should always be the goal n aligning urself with people who on the same path as u. I am currently uppin the ante with learning French n there's such a sense of pride in feeling as good as I look n elevating in other ways such as learning new shyt.

I reflect how I feel, I reflect who I am within how I enjoy living-softly...easy going n this keeps my skin young, my attitude refreshing n allows me to grow without limitations. I am in no way trying to be perfect. It's always been quite boring to me, but I definitely have no need to live a hard life. Some people may say, nonchalant...mmmm, I'll take that. I love the energy of great people n bumping into strangers who engage. I look forward to experience all the goodness life has to offer before I am taken away from earth. It's not being oblivious to what is going on in the world as if my head is in the sand, I just choose to not let the ugliness seep into my soul n rest in my heart. That's why I'm easy, easy like Sunday morniiiiiiing :)

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