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So You Wanna See The Cherry Blossoms: HAX

After a solid FIVE years of experiencing the Cherry Blossoms, I think I have a pretty good idea of how to prep mentally n physically before trekking downtown DC in order to get up close n personal with what many flock for a glimpse to see.Here's some tips n tricks I've narrowed down...let's go:


After the Winter, the city is itching to get out ESP if the weather is above 55 degrees. Between people heading back into the office, surrounding residences, tourists n people like me who don't wanna do public transportation...just know...there WILL be traffic.

2. Which brings me to PARKING!!

The They's will strongly suggest u do public transportation (I shan't) n while I know it would be less of a headache, I like the challenge, lol. The earlier the better to get as close as possible. I like to park near the MLK Memorial but if I get there after 1000a, I park near Independence Ave n walk a few blocks over which puts me adjacent to the African American Museum and u can't miss the monument. There are options to PAY in Public Parking lots n garages but I can't give much insight cuz I despise paying the 5 Gina!! 


Depending on where u park, you can follow the crowds to lead the way. Near the monument you'd find kids flyin kites and u can be a tourist n hit any direction but the photogenic side of the blossoms are along the Tidal Basin. If u flounce around u can stop pass the memorials surrounding which will also give u a chance for potty breaks if needed.

Quick Break:

As we were walking near the monument, a lady walked up to us and put a bracelet of luck on our wrists n it happened so fast all I heard was a language I didn't speak and PEACE. I kept asking her how much and she showed me a booklet that read "Donations"-I gave her $10-as I was still in shock I allowed a stranger to get so close-I didn't wanna not take it cuz I don't wanna block my blessings.


Please refer to Number 1 n relaaaaax. The crowds will be in ur way, lol. The strollers will be annoying. The joggers aren't chasing u. The bikers are prepared for abrupt stops and again...the earlier the lesser the crowds but just know...anything after 1000a it can get crazy. When taking pics-keep moving...u ain't got time to be holding up the line or spot for a full photoshoot so be mindful n respectful of time.


The best times I've found to go is before 0900a if ur just taking it all in and want to slow walk the Tidal Basin n run into "Stumpy" also for PARKING. I tend to go before a week prior to the festivities to avoid the detours n blocked entrances which means u gotta park further away. If u get out there on a bright n sunny day AFTER Noon...just gawn n pay the 5 Gina!! Or stalk folks walking towards a heap of cars to snatch a space but just know that's 30 min in itself. 

These are quick tips n tricks for a trip downtown to enjoy the blossoms. There's a different vibe depending on the time of day n the quantity of the crowds. I would block off about 3-4 hrs to give urself time with parking, walking n pausing to manuever around the crowd. 

After all that walkin...are you hungry yet? Me personally, I don't like public restrooms near parks n I don't do porta potties-EWW!! So my water intake is limited to avoid having to...yea-BUT after the walk n shots; I'm famished n thirsty. This brings me to...a finale tip:


As a Washingtonian...I remember the days Great Aunt Louise would come home with a half smoke after work n I later would indulge in my own for lunch at work after rent time. You could get a Half Smoke (they call em Glizzy's now, lol) and I dress mine up with mustard n relish, bag of chips n can soda for $3.50!!!

A few Blossoms ago, I'd relive those humble beginnings n grab a half smoke by itself for $5.00. This we walkin back, I stop pass one of the many food trucks out there n grabbed a HOT DOG which ended up being....

TEN DOLLARS!! Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! I know inflation is real but I was NOT happy with this robbery. It wasn't even a HALF SMOKE annnnd it was bland even WITH mustard. I don't know if I was more disappointed in the COST or the Glizzy itself but either way...DO NOT make the same mistake I made. I don't like trucks without the prices listed-I'll stop there.

As I walked down further, I came across a stand that actually had half smokes for $5, by that time I was so pissed wasting TEN dollars...I have noted this for the next time! Ok-rant over!!

Enjoy the show!!

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