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Life of Uh Former Fat Girl: How it started

Once upon a time I weighed 180. I was totally comfortable at that number and worked a good ol' dc gubment jawb from 9 to 5. Along came a bouncing baby boy in 2006 and a new job doing shift work and before I knew it, that 180 turned into 230. The only way I noticed it was from the clothes I used to fit BEFORE Mason would no longer zip up and buttons would hold on to dear life ready to burst any moment.

If you have ever worked shift work or nights you can relate to horrible eating habits. The thing is....I never really ate a lot its just that when I did eat, it's junk food or fast food at night n lack of sleep. When u work at the fire department them folks STAY cookin and when the holidays roll around the only DIET u see is commercials gearing up for the New Years. Now along with shift work, how about we add the many yo-yo's of a relationship from one person, failed relationships from a rebound, depression from trying to figure out where ur going in life, not being where u wanna be in life, mourning ur mom, paying endless bills, changing a schedule from 4 days off to ALL nights and every 2 days (and I dare not mention being bullied AT ur job but that's a whole nother topic) and stress all around u can easily go from 230 to a whopping 290lbs when u lack discipline and a phk to give!

It happens so quick as if it happens overnight knowing dmn well u noticed them pants sizes going up every few months. Now don't get it twisted I've always been fly and fluffy but people are surprised to know that at 5'8 I was TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY POUNDS!!! EEEEK!! Maybe becuz I carried it well but when I took my clothes off I seen every bit of it. I was not happy! I was miserably content with ballooning to my heaviest becuz at the end of the day I ate good, traveled and Mason's very well taken care of. Did I know I should've been losing weight becuz I was living an unhealthy lifestyle? Of course! I had someone give me a reality check to say "u ain't press to lose weight cuz u still get attention from the fellas". Errr uhhh yeaaaa! Duuuh! Look at me twirls around Erybody love me...Ery-Erybody love me ;) BUT STILL the fellas was never my top priority becuz I have more to offer than just beauty. I was plain ol' lazy and didn't care. I had family and friends trying to motivate me to lose weight but lets be real here....u can tell a crackhead all day to get off drugs and it won't click until THEY are ready.

Part II: Ten Years Later shall follow this post...

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1 Comment

Rick Flections
Rick Flections
Apr 30

Beautiful at any size

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