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#RLOL Day Nine

I was running behind n grabbed the closest thing to me...this Kat Von D was the lucky winner. The funny part is...when I tossed this lilac sweater, I was like-aaaah what red will work wit this **scratches head** I'm normally tossing on a neutral lip wit this. To be honest...I was having a moment. It was as if I was gonna talk myself into skipping my #RedLipsOfLove series with an excuse of not matching a red to lilac when it was really rooted in laziness. I say that to say...

Get off yo azz n make it happen!! I snapped out of it real quick becuz skipping a day of my series for no apparent reason would mean I'm not showing up to the best of my abilities. Greatness is a lonely road. If it were sooo easy everyone would do it right? If I can make time to scroll on social media...I can make the time to invest into my blog aka my safe space here!! I do not plan to fail at getting consistent. It's apart of my refinement movement as I become a better me. The growth is a lifestyle change. Doing shyt when u don't feel like it n overcoming that hurdle has u looking back like...dmn it wasn't so bad after all n u don't have to wonder what it would've been like had u NOT done it. I love feeling accomplished. We are rolling into Day 10 n I'm not pressuring myself on perfection. Preparation is key though-which I am learning. I am pressuring myself on making it to the finish line. I tossed on this red lip n snapped away as I had a sense of pride in holding myself accountable. The excuses n bshyt to talk urself out of completion need to cease. The results will speak for themselves.

I got this, u got this, WE got this. I know there's shyt u been putting off cuz I do it all the time. The hardest part is starting. The typical cycle is...u get started n then u kinda fade off towards the middle but once u lose ur footing its hard to get back in the groove. Stay the course. Whether I am going out for a store run or grabbing the mail, I am loving overall how wearing red lips makes me feel-that is important. A feeling to conquer the world or couch :)

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