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Red Lips Of Love: Mac Heaux

Day 21: Mac Heaux (amplified finish)

One of my favorite words to call u...heaux! If anyone remembers this Limited Edition shade from #Mac then you'd know there are 2 different finishes for this shade: retro matte from RiRi collection n this shade in an amplified finish; which I prefer over there retro mattes (Ruby Woo is overrated). Aaaah the good ol' days of chasing down LE's...well...the others did **fanning hand in shewing motion** cuz iiiiii had my plugs at the counter on lock n they'd hip me to the releases beforehand.

To be honest...these berry lips can all look alike to me other than the finish which sets em apart. I do like how the amplified one applies n glides over the lips. It settles in nicely for long wear with a hint of shine. I love the red "alternative" with a berry lip on golden skin. This shade if u missed it can be replaced since it's similar to D for Danger (in the previous post). I will wear this shade more often in the future with bronzer cuz I love the effect of plums n brown. Welp...7 more days to go-whew!!

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