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Red Lips of Love: Mac D for Danger

Day 15-16: MAC D for Danger

Back to matte for me! I must admit, this is one of my favorite finishes given the long wear time and I don't like to do the whole re-apply throughout the day thing. While I do enjoy a candy apple red, I'm reaching into the berry side of red which makes me feel mature. Berry lips looks gorgeous on warm tones n they're known to be good for Fall shades.

Did yoooou knooooow...if we take it back to Ancient Egypt; red lips was a status symbol. Cleopatra used a dark, bright red shade made from crushed beatles to stand out from others. Those of lesser means were stuck with rusty tones. Remind me how we do with designer anything! But while Ancient Egypt wore lipstick for superiority, Ancient Greece was doing the opposite as women of higher class avoided red lips to separate them from....u guessed it-PROSTITUTES!! And this is where I realized the root of where we westerners adopted their ideas n associated it with laydeez of the night. Wow, full circle moment where it all makes sense.

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