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Nike Phoenix Cozy Boucle 2.0 Review

Welcome Back! for 2.0-basically a full review of the WHOLE Nike Phoenix Cozy Boucle outfit. My initial review where I started off with the pants I ain't eeeeem gonna front...I've been wearing these mainly IN the house every chance I get this Winter. I can't emphasize the COZY part enuff when it comes to this set.

The previous review has shown how I wear it out the house. Once I collected the boucle top (XL) and the cardigan (L) they've since SOLD OUT but may pop back up here n there for returns becuz these do run big. I'm totally satisfied with my chosen sizes becuz it gives room yet still hugs just right. Nap time just ain't been the same inside these n I am totally glad I paid the 5 Gina n didn't wait for a sale becuz rarely will popular items make it that far.

Speaking of payin the I think these were pricey? YES!! Can u find a comparable set? Sure. I have one in my amazon cart as we speak. Are these still worth it? YES! Of course the price is paying for the brand however I paid the 5 for the design itself n that ur not gonna find elsewhere unless u track em down here and here. I'm also a fan of Nike in general when it fits into the aesthetics of my wardrobe to allow me to be sporty AND dainty on u heaux. This is NOT an outfit I'd consider #WerkCouture at all. It's a funky fun weekend outfit to keep it casual. It's pieces like these that keep me young **tee hee**

I can surely live in these as I trollop around the house or make a quick pickup nearby-if only these had pockets, lol. Have yall checked out the Cozy Boucle line? What do u think? Let me know in the comments.

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