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National Gratitude Day

Happy National Gratitude Day!!! This is the day where we recognize such an occasion and celebrate each other giving thanks. The origin of this day came from an Indian spiritual leader name Sri Chinmoy in 1965 in a meditation room. With the many blessings of life experiences of ups n downs, I've discovered the practice of gratitude within the last few years and enjoy the positive health benefits it tends to bring.

I have learned how to roll with the punches of unexpected twists n turns life can bring. After experiencing losses, I found a way to look at the "bright side" of things n hold on to the good. It's within humility u can find gratitude becuz it can always be worst. By increasing optimism I've gained more self-esteem and felt happier through gratitude. There's just something about pausing to thank God for no reason at all n allowing myself to feel positive emotions as it helps throughout the day.

Acknowledging the generosity of others is my favorite way of practicing gratitude. I live by the motto of my dad, "Nobody owes u shyt". As a natural giver, I have no expectations to receive becuz its from the heart. I'm grateful for any n everyone who take the time out to leave feedback on my blog or hit me up to mention they've referred someone to my blog and SHARING! The "tiniest" gesture means the world to me and I am forever grateful that someone takes their time out to read myyyyyyy blog or give little ol' meeeee a shout out becuz u could easily scroll n gawn bout cho' day.

Yall have really been rooting for me n the wins just keep rollin in. I have an AMAZING team comprised of you all that keep fire under my azz n gentle to aggressive nudges becuz u see the spark in me when I don't. The support doesn't go unnoticed :D

Happy National Gratitude Day! How do u plan on celebrating? start a gratitude journal? pay it forward? random love note? Hey Stranger/Hey Big Head someone, lol. Please no! However u choose to celebrate it, extend it pass a day n incorporate it into ur lifestyle.

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