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Morning Routine: Gratitude

I practice gratitude as a daily routine becuz I am well aware nothing is owed to me n life in general isn't promised. At any minute it can be removed n we walk around with this entitlement as if we "deserve" the grace God gives. I am not here to take nobody to church but let the tabernacle say...AMEN!!

I stress to yall heaux to have or get a morning routine becuz it sets the tone for the day n while ur routine may not be as extensive as mine-challenge urself to something in smaller doses n watch it grow. One thing I never skip on is GRATITUDE!!

I wake up thankful to see my car still in parked cuz back in the day...umm yea...if ur an 80's baby n ain't have parents to supply ur lifestyle at one point the snatchman was on ur azz lol or if ur car has ever been stolen u know how much of a blessing it is to see ur car still where u left it.

I wake up smiling to them annoying azz birds who could quite possibly be reincarnations of Minnie Ripperton as they sing near my window cuz I know there's deaf people who can't hear em.

I wake up watching my kids sleep peacefully. I love how they giggle in their sleep too (I catch my own self laughing in mine) becuz some parents aren't able to lay their eyes on their own.

I wake up being thankful to even wake up n I wanna make the best of my time to the best of my ability so practicing gratitude has been the best morning routine to incorporate. I do it throughout the day n at the end of the day.

A lot of times, people wait until something bad happens to solicit prayers but why u only calling on 'em during a down spiral? The practice of gratitude keeps me covered in a way whether good or bad...I'm thankful in it all cuz there's a lesson to be had. Every blessing is like hitting the lottery no matter how big or small.

I play around n be jokey jokey but I don't play about my spiritual being n the ability to recognize I don't do this alone. I am strong in the faith I cannot see n while I don't talk about it much-I honestly don't need to becuz u will see it within ME.


My niece got me this mug from's the little things that make me smile. She thought enuff of me on vacay to grab me a mug that suits me-I love it.

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