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Memorial Weekend 2022

Happy Holiday Weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. This is typically the pre-summer kickoff to mark the official change in weather n the finale of the school semester for kids. Whether you're attending proms and graduations; May is coming to a close and pools opening this weekend basically tell me...

AAAaaaaaAAAAaaaaaaHHHHHH **cue Summer time song** this is the season of grilling n giving the oven a rest cuz it's gonna be cold cuts for lunch affairs! I will be totally honest...Summer is NOT my favorite season. I canNOT stand heat + humidity yet I can appreciate the elongated hours of sunlight n as an early riser, I love sunrises. Its just anything above 85 turns me into the heat miser...grrRRRrrrr!!

Becuz I am typically an INSIDE gal for the style doesn't change too much (remember, I wear flip flops all year round lol), I still grace the place with caftans prolly more times than not when its warmer but I don't partake in the wearing less as much so I don't care what the "summer body" looks like for me lol. One thing I do wanna challenge myself to do this season is wear white more.

Fun Fack: Wearing all white just isn't my thing...dmn just like wearing all black I guess...but more so my reasoning is cuz I feel like it adds pounds to my appearance n the LAST thing I need is added weight (I meeeean I did just have a baby----SHET UP RICKEY)! I just don't think its flattering on me n I'd rather opt out the shade altogether. I am also too self-conscious wearing it cuz it'll be just my luck I'm clumsy on the day I'm wearing it.

This outfit I'll call "Mixxy Couture" was the perfect balance since it was a mix of my evils. I didn't feel like I had to tip toe in the streets in fear of leprechaun vomit splashing on me (random-I know) n becuz it was just the top, it spared me from making me look pre-WLS days! I enjoyed wearing this becuz it was a casual look where the accessories n shoes changed the look.

It's fun to see what a slight change can do for a look. If I want a more polished or #WerkCouture look, I'd go with the black crocodile clutch becuz its chic n looks like I mean business. Now if u wanna look more playful n "available" toss in a gorgeous POP of chartreuse which lays well against any black/white combo. This clutch is by MZ Wallace n sold out but don't fret....I got a backup here by House of Want (which is an affordable brand). I always feel like adding red is too predictable with black n white so dazzle em with GOTCHA BYTCH n amp the style up with this shade.

Deets of the Mixxy Couture

Top: River Island (Size L)

Belt: New York & Company (Size L)

Jeans: CLEARANCE on u heaux via Target (Size 14)

Clutch: Amazon

Shoes: Sooo last year when I caught a Nordies Sale

After playing blogger n being a one man band...I definitely swapped for the "dad shoes" by Nike. These were found in a random clearance section somewhere during the pandemic n they definitely get worn even in the winter time haha. Perfect for pedi runs but yea...these are comfy n its the grand finale look of the post. This what I would need to have on when I'm chasing my Terror Tot around the playground lol. I am all for stretching a look n one outfit...3 pairs of shoes...4 bags wasn't too bad-now THIS is what I call a good example of "cost per wear" becuz u will see me in this multiple times **cue evil laugh**

What do you typically pair your black n white combo's with? U stick to the basics or living on the edge with a pop of color to compliment the color block? Let me know n feel free to tag me :)

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Rick Flections
Rick Flections
21 de jun. de 2022

You did NOT just have a…Honestly Nevermind.

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