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Let the Tabernacle say...

This week has been a whirlwind. I honestly had no desire to post this week despite my own challenge to post twice a week #Fail and we are well into early May. I would like to have an honest moment...if you've read my recent post you'd understand why! Well...I have been deliberating to see which direction I wanna shift n how to get there while still maintaining my own integrity n staying true to self. I've been on a social media hiatus but also hosting my parents visit and going INTO the office more times than not-ya girl be TIED!! Well as the week was coming to an end; apparently the life of a legend was too.

Yall are well aware of my love for THE Kevin Samuels. So much so that I received many calls of condolences as if I knew the man personally lol. I do NOT know him but I do appreciate when yall check on me when something happens to my faves. I was totally crushed and affected when Omar (Michael K. Williams) died-that hurt me. As much as I joked about the everlasting life Cicely Tyson had, I paused at her death. There's just a piece of my heart that cracks for celebs when they die as if we knew each other in spirit. I didn't wanna believe the news n was hoping it was a Sinbad hoax. I slept on it n woke up where I still didn't wanna concede to the news but later in the morning when I seen a trusted friend post-I knew! As controversial as Kevin was, it was always interesting to me how people focused more on the man than the message. There became such a divide amongst the pro-kev n anti-sams where the mere mention of his name initiated disgust n snarls lol. If the shoe fits...wear em well n if it don't apply, let it fly! I don't need to go into a full dissertation on how a stranger sparked a conversation n inspired folks to level up. I've grown up around n have plenty of Kevin's to whom I appreciate cuz it's the uncut no fluff truth we women should LISTEN to and gain a greater understanding to the wiring n nature of male species. Whether u like sugar (Steve Harvey) in ur medicine or take a straight shot; once u learn the lingo, life will get easier.

As I am slightly in mourning yet understanding to God's timing, I became perplexed by some of the reactions to this man's untimely death. The rejoicing of a man's death has been utterly disgusting. Not even Hitler nor the cruelest racist has been celebrated in such a manner. I have never nor would never be excited with a "die ngga die"mentality whether I liked someone or not. I have no hate in my heart for such an act. For so many women who complained about "tone n delivery" I find it odd these same critics can spew such disdain or let someone affect them so much they clap at the news of his passing. What happened to the Bible thumping Christians? In a world where humanity needs kindness more than ever, the things I've seen is sad. Like WTF!! Remove ur feelings n strip him to a person and you'd realize someone lost their father...a mother lost her son...a host of others lost a mentor, confidant, colleague n meant something to them. If nothing else, the reactions proves his point with how folks reveal themselves. The hate based on a short clip or click bait should be studied in psychology classes. If you've ever watched full content, u could get a better understanding of reactions or context of the message. While folks loved to focus on the shocker effect, nobody seemed to acknowledge or make viral the moments where he'd recognize the need for mental health specialist to step in n cut the convo short so it wouldn't become a mockery. The times folks used his platform as a couch n shared heavy shyt that he showed compassion for; the many thank u's n u saved my love life convo's and the empathy he showed to broken women. He didn't discriminate cuz he let the men have it too.

A lot of folks won't get it now n hopefully the lightbulb clicks later. Heaux won't admit it yet a lot of chicks he described we can all resonate or know someone that fits the shoe. Maybe that's the part that upsets us so much. Looking in the mirror can be ugly. I often enjoyed listening to the banter in convo's with the back n forth after a hot topic popped up. It was either "he's disrespectful to black women" or "I meeeean he got a point". Nonetheless, the conversation started n impact was much so even in death he's still a hot topic. As an observant one, many need to check their hearts (ode to Carla) becuz we've lost a sense of moral n the hypocrisy is quite evident when we preach about not judging n plea for forgiveness n grace. Guess what tho...everybody gets a turn!!

I know one thing...yall bytchez bet not do me like that cuz I call yall heaux out. It's bad enuff heaux be hating cuz the fellas wanna protect me at all costs lol. I am appreciative of the gesture! While heaux still trying to figure out "where are the good men", I am seeing them everywhere n engaging quite often-it's like being apart of a secret society haha. I can confidently leave out the house with no wallet n know I'll be provided for by strangers. I have a better relationship with the men in my life (including my dad) becuz I've grown in communicating better n not just listening but applying the knowledge effectively. I've stepped my game up in my own presentation n confidently walk with my head high. I am getting the results I dreamed of-slowly but surely by becoming the best version of myself everyday. My overall attitude n mindset helps with how I receive people. I see the separation happening n sadly...folks getting left behind. We need not focus on the critics n detractors who are feeling relieved n throwing death parties becuz in the end....their destiny is solidified cuz with or without Kevin...them lonely 4 walls getting tighter n tighter as they grow older. The dogs hind legs just sliding n gliding slowly to its own death n they look around or even look back to reflect on life only to say...dmn maybe he was right.

Love em or hate em, that man went out in a way other guys dream of n he's my kinda petty cuz for his grand finale he practiced what he preached lol. He did what many will not be able to do in such a short amount of time. I admire the work ethic n the elevation of the crown. The last laugh of it all is the fact that he did NOT die alone. If only heaux could take that same energy of being broken birds n ensure themselves the same fate; they could go out with an exclamation on their life span instead of a sad n dull period. Wheeew...cold world!

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