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How To Clean Yo Mirror: Check Ur Heart

I was inspired by a good friend of mine for the title of this post. I am appreciative to have friends that aren't allowing me to be in an echo chamber n tell me bout myself "with love". I know when I chat with her, I can let it all out with no judgement n she listens. She listens n in the end, I can count on her to let me know what she thinks. I receive it, let it marinate n adhere to it or continue to be hard headed. Nonetheless, I take it well becuz I know she means well. There is a free space to float in when u find people u can naturally vibe with.

As a communications major, using my words have always been a struggle becuz I can be opinionated n the delivery n tone can be taken out of context. Since I can take it as well as I dish it, I don't take anything personal which can come off nonchalantly but that's me! With getting older, I am gaining perspective to learn that there are times people receive messages in a negative tone based on what they might have going on wit their life. I'm tryin to see how to better explain it...lets seeeee...I know every month there's a period where I am more emotional n I might even be crabby. I can feel it...I can sense it...I just know it. Around this time is where someone might simply ask me for the time n I may snap back with a snarky response. It's then when I have to pause n check myself to process how I am receiving-the message! What I have learned is...I can only be so much responsible for how the receiver gets what I'm putting down as the messenger.

To know me is to know-I come in PEACE! I love it when I come across like-minded people who understand this without saying it. It just seems like people who look to be offended or ones who wallow in playin victim cuz life hands them lemons opt for a reason to receive in a negative manner. This is where u need to check ur heart. If u find folks who enjoy mediocre lifestyles n lack growth; they'll typically misunderstand ur gesture. I think I've checked my heart so much, there's nothing I take in a negative manner unless it's a direct diss lol. Maybe becuz I'm open to constructive criticism or I live a life of abundance, lol, I might often times miss it. The biggest tip I can give is to consider the source to recognize the intent. My circle ain't for no drama n we all have the objective to see each other win so I value their opinions n advice. I just know when folks feel some type of envy n jealousy creeps in; the response is where u can always tell-Like giiiiiirl why u so maaaad! Check Your Heart :)

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