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It's Spring Again

Welcome to Spring 2022!! I am excited when the seasons change becuz it's an extra vigor in the air as the days are longer to enjoy. The sun is out after 4p which means the mood changes n depression lightens up. It's refreshing to wake up to the loud azz birds n I get to catch the sunrise with the time change. Speaking of time change...losin an hour definitely hit different this go round. If they gonna make it permanent then they need to wait til we get our hour back-phk that. Nonetheless, let the "Hey Big Head" sessions commence haha. This is the time where past loves resurface or as the kids say "spin the block" cuz folks go in heat.

I will be spinning the block n Hey Big Head'n a love of my own..his name is Lowe's who lives nearby Home Depot. I want to visit local nurseries this season and turn my balcony into a whole azz jungle lol. I don't really have the space for more houseplants **looks at my occupant in Apt B who's a dependent for another 3 yrs** Yall know how I feel about blooms. Waking up to flowers n spritzing home mists kickstart my day. With the world officially opening back up n mandates getting relaxed to deleted; that means going back into the office more often than not **cue horror scream** and what does that mean... #WerkCouture

Luckily becuz I never stopped dressing during the pandemic, I never lost my mojo! Unfortunately for some of yall heaux who did...u need me n VOILA-here I am. I am fighting to maintain a flexible schedule to still work from home tho becuz the quality of life is so much better n since I'm still productive AT HOME. I'm allowed to get in time with my grandma during the week n do errands at lunch **rolls eyes at BD's** I can't see ever going back to 100% being IN the office when we have adapted to a less stressful way of work for two years.

Solo dates are BACK in effect haha. I wanna mingle a tad more socially n although I'm not a drinker; HH appetizers are meant to be devoured with water on the rocks. I've been enjoying meeting strangers in this part of my life n confident in my discernment brings valuable people who mean well. I also have been blessed to be what seems to be a unicorn n be covid free thus far so I'll still balance being outside with hibernation. Allergy season been sneak attacking as is..I don't wanna get no sicker than that lol. First up on the Spring "to do" list is keep the Cherry Blossom tradition goin. This is the peak week so I'll be making my way downtown for those and planning a ditch day with Mason.

Every year we do a mental day together. I ditch work, I let him skip school n we just take a day of adventure together. I started this when he was around 5 where our skip day was a trip to the Baltimore Aquarium n lunch. We tend to forget about the kids during our own grind n day to day hustle. To give kids a mental day is also important becuz we all have these pause from life moments. It gives me a chance to bond n give him a voice to express himself with no judgement n allows me to peek into his teenage life. He's growing up so fast before my eyes n I wanna make sure I keep up with him n let him know his mama is a safe space.

So my goals for this on getting my financial life together. With chicken being the new caviar, my gas tank being filled as if I drive a bus n the loom of everything else going up higher than...well..hell GAS; I need to act like I'm on a "fixed income" as my retired dad loves to say now. Still being kind to myself n taking one step at a time. I do plan on making a quick style guide-I'll test it out here-for a uniform look to be refined. My style has been changing n of course it's gearing to anything relaxed cuz being comfy is mandatory at my age. Random staycations also on my 'to do' list to explore mini downtowns n boutiques outside my vicinity n norm. Thinking...Richmond in the future!

Where shall Spring have u bloom? What plans do u have for the season? or u ready to just speed thru to summer...yes bring on the heat...and humidity-says not me!!

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