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Hanifa Miya Dress: Pink + Red

As my style changes with aging, I am so intentional with where I spend my monies. I only want to spend it with places that make me feel good. It's the reason why I am loyal to Wegmans n Nordies. I am also eager to #BuyBlack but not just for the sake of...but becuz the brand n quality are superb. Before I take the leap, I lurk n then I scour reviews to get an idea of the customer service n sizing. A sale doesn't make or break my decision to purchase (yet I am open to receiving my blessings), so when Hanifa had a Black Friday sale, I already knew what I would abuse the SUBMIT button to order.

Red is my favorite color, I've explained my love affair for the shade in a previous post; The Power of Red so this was an easy no brainer grab for me. There were other colors I was eyeballing like green and mustard but there's NOTHING like a Cameo cup RED chiiiile.

I have this dress in size L/XL and it's soooo oversized n stretchy, I would suggest u size DOWN. Although I do looove me a drag cuz it makes me feel like I got a train cascading behind me as I glide, it's annoying having to pretty much carry it as u walk. So when my next favoooorite color popped up, I didn't hesitate to grab it.

If you are a lover of bold prints; Pink + Red will definitely satisfy those cravings. I love the thickness of these cardigan dresses but be careful to not snag em-the cons of knits! It's also stretchy. I learned my lesson previously n went for a smaller size-S/M n it fits perfectly. For the sake of pics, I wore the red one with nothing under it **ooooh la la** but I wouldn't go in public like that lol. Unless its really secured, wear something under it unless u wanna give us free onlyfans type peeks! Whether u wear it as a dress or duster, it's sure to add some drama to your wardrobe. It's ooooh so cozy n I love coming across other Hanifa Miya Dress holders in other colors. My next one would be the green tho **cue evil laugh** so if ever ur on the fence for these...DO IT!! If u are looking for a shade less "hey look at me" then I'd opt for grey or even mustard which looks GREAT on melanin tones. Overall, once u toss this on ur body, it transforms u and u will instantly feel sexy! Ugh! I'm so in love with these colors-Pink + Red; now THIS is love.

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