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Werk Couture: Monday Blues

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

On a beautiful Monday to kickstart the week...I like to beat the "Monday Blues" with color. For today's Werk Couture; I decided to grab a vintage blazer n pair it with pants that accidentally matched. I say accidentally becuz I didn't get the pieces at the same time. I like to buy pieces separately that'll eventually come together (weird right lol). Becuz I am recouping from a weekend, I like to keep my start of the week style-quick. I don't wanna think too hard in what to wear becuz I'm already mentally preparing for a busy day in the office.

Let me just say...for such a simple look, the blazer of it all just pulls it together n makes it look more than intended. Vintage Blazers should be a staple in everyone's closet. U can easily dress it up or down n even get dramatic n wear it over the shoulders. Speaking of shoulders...I am a fan of 80's fashion n shoulder pads had em in a chokehold (as the kids say haha). The padding adds structure to the blazer n u can totally tell the difference when its NOT there.

Quick history lesson shall we....shoulder pads date back as early as the 1930's where they were intended for folks with sloping and narrow shoulders to exaggerate the width. They became popular for business styles; mainly blazers until THE Joan Crawford changed the game featuring the pads in a dress for a movie (Letty Lynton) in the 40's. During the 50's women opted for a softer look so the pads kinda faded off yet still worn in coats. By the 60's it seems like they hayday's of bold shoulders were fading n went dark until the 70's where designers pulled from old styles (typical of what we do now) n used inspo from the 30's to revamp the look.

How to dress for the office at work
Werk Couture Outfit Deets
  • Blazer: @ShopVintageBoutique on IG

  • Pants: ASOS

  • Shoes: Converse (Nordstrom)

  • Tank top: BP at Nordstrom

Although the attempts was criticized (yall know how the game goes), it was Saint Laurent (YSL) who pushed thru n made the look contemporary and became the standard office look for women entering the workforce (gee...thanks) n so the 80's it was up n stuck!! Big Shoulders was the hottest thing since the infamous scene of Tom Cruise in Risky Business. As far as I knew growing up, I related it to menswear but my mama always had a bunch of blazers with shoulder pads. She was a petite thang tho n I absolutely HATED when she made me wear one of hers. I felt it would drown me n had me lookin like a football player. I didn't grow to appreciate em til I got older but that's becuz she had some options to remove the pads (thanks to Perry Ellis).

While the style of power dressing became outdated during the 90's becuz the younginz (my generation lol) tossed all that stuffy stiff dressing for more relaxed n colorful fads (hello denim erything n cross colours anyone). Well, Well, the 2000's it seems like Lady GaGa appreciated the vintage trend n shoulder pads were back in business with the mainstream. For me...I never let em go! I've been carrying my mama's legacy of style to include shoulder pads since she passed the torch to me. I know my style may be a tad "stuck in the past" but I definitely toss a modern flare to bring it current.

Shoulder pads within a vintage blazer will have u stand up straight n give poise without u even realizing it becuz it takes over to drape over ur body in a way that pulls ur look together. You can have lightweight blazers to wear in the warmer months n heavier ones to transition into Winter. I don't like coats so I use em to layer. The "net-net" of all of this is...YOU NEED A BLAZER n if u feeling like u want to make a presence-add some shoulder pads. Don't worry bout what's in cuz when u stick to what works for u, you'll never be out.

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