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Fall 2023

Hellooooo Fall and Goodbye Summer :D Yall know I am totally excited for this seasonal change n have been looking forward to Autumn's Equinox for months. As a homebody, I can enjoy the temp being dialed back n the AC being turned OFF as we slide into the remaining months of the year.

Bring on all the WARM tones, Chili Cook offs, Pumpkin overloads, Summer Patio Furniture Sales n early sunsets. The most beautiful part of the seasonal change is the whispers of nature if ever ur up before the city n catch a sunrise. The air is so crisp n specks of joggers n dog walkers tip toe in the streets. I love being on my balcony giving gratitude to start the day while holding a cup of coffee. My favorite is the fashions as we swap out the closets n put away summer clothes for next year. I have 3 totes to donate n plan on purging more!

Seasonal change brings on a rush of creativity becuz it's like a fresh start. I had a pretty good Summer with no regrets. I didn't take a fancy getaway n spent time with family...doesn't take much for me. I'm not a beach person **cue horror scream** so I don't feel like I've missed out. This season, I do want to take advantage of a corn maze, hay rides, Toot LOVES pumpkin pickings n a random weekend staycation-where? I don't know...NC, TN, WV? I am LONG overdue for a trip to ATL to see the bestie, I do know that. As I ponder on it, I am glazing out the window now. Tropical Storm Ophelia has DMV in a chokehold with a lot of tears pouring down ALL day. I am still beaming with a smile as we step into Fall, even on a gloomy day **unfolds weighted blanket** I can't wait for cozy weekends of NOTHING n since I've started binging Suits (Netflix), there's never nothing for me to watch (I'm on S3).

Does anyone else love Fall as much as me? Are u saddened to see the humid hot weather of Summer leave? What plans do u have for the season? Let me know in the comments.

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