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Extended Weekend Wrap Up: Juneteenth 2.0

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Ugh...I meant to get this Weekend Wrap Up done yesterday but definitely enjoyed the extended weekend a tad too much (and a random pop up from my boys distracted me). we are! My holiday weekend started last Friday. I am taking advantage of utilizing leave as much as possible becuz I'm making up for always overworking especially during holidays. Since I have such a life these days **cue Maury's lie detector test** let me share my world wind of fun.

Vintage Bag from Goldenbird Boutique
Vintage Clutch from Goldenbird Boutique

Come on now...ur not new here to know how the weekend kicks off. Hoooowever, if u are-VOILA!!! Starbucks jumpstarts me. I've been finding recipes on IG n came across this Cinnamon Almond Milk MockyYahToe (macchiato) which is a whopping 90 calories n taste every bit of it (since the toppings are LIGHT n the pumps are sugar FREE). Yes, I know...Dr. Miami hasn't gotten to my name on the waitlist yet. I'm building up confidence for my future "Ted Tawk" so I find a chill spot to sip my mocky n clear my throat chakras via IG stories so if u miss em...u miss the moment.

Lisa Marie Fernandez collaboration with Target in 2020
Vintage Dress which is not so vintage becuz it's last summers Target x Lisa Marie Fernandez collection

My Saturday was pretty packed...with NOTHING!! I was able to loosely do my typical wknd Wegmans run with a focus of snacky foods. Purging my closet has been taking longer than anticipated. Ugh...who knew I'd have such a hard time departing from freaking clothes's **cue tossing dress** coming along **cue taking dress out the pile** slowly...but..surely! Just keep me in ur prayers! My goal is to dwindle my stash down to classic/timeless pieces that matures with me. That's the politically correct way of me saying...I need to be able to fit everything in ONE closet n not spill shyt over to Mason's.

Luckily for the sake of this post...I had a life on Sunday! I took a trip to one of my favorite spot of MD where I can get lost n enjoy being awaaaay from the crowds of DC. The weather was perfectly not sweltering hot n I enjoyed a day to self with frolicking in Downtown Annapolis where I hope to reside later in life. I've never had a problem enjoying good eats n going places solo! Hell I like me so I know imma have a great time.

The views n calmness of being around the water never gets old to me. Since I went off a whim, I didn't have a specific spot to eat in mind. There's so many to choose from but I wanted something light and SEAFOOD!! My feet led me to Pusser's Carribean Grille where I got some skimpy oysters (they must've been vegans) n a soft-shell crab sandwich. What do I do while dining to self? People watch! Make up their lives n how they sound in my head based off how they look lol. I play catchup in the DM's on social media, scroll here n there then enjoy the scenery.

After lunch I enjoyed along the water where I wondered where I need to be hanging to mingle n make friends WITH boats...I went to hit the town. Now yall KNOW I prefer to be out n about as EARLY as possible but since I was being so spontaneous, it was after 2p and unbeknownst to me, there was some type of festival event shindig happening **cue anxiety of too many people**. The streets are only but so spacious (for my liking) n it was just a hoard of folks including them slow walking azz kids wit fist dripping of ice cream as they held the cones. I stopped in a hat place called Hats in the Belfry. I'm not even a hat person but I do love fascinators and the window tugged on my heart.

After not wanting to spend $100+ for a hat, my sweet tooth kicked in as I was headed back to the car. I stopped at Vanderwende which is located in the tuck nearby a a lobster roll spot. I got my childhood favorite flavor as a default since I couldn't pick-Rocky Road!!

After satisfying the sweet tooth, it was time to head on home. This is where I got humbled. The cool weather felt like it got cranked up by ten degrees as I walked further away from water n the shade of trees. My phone is dangling off ONE percent...ONE and I have a horrible memory soooo I forget where I park **cue horror scream** I'm trying to look for the feature on my phone where it tells u where u parked n NOTHING. I can't think of nere nothing I parked close to where I can use it as a landmark n I just felt myself walking in the wrong direction n further away until I paused to take a deep breath. I doubled back in my phone (nervous it would cut me off any minute) to check the location of earlier pics taken. After that...instincts led me the rest of the way n my memory kicked in. Thank Gawd for Deja Vu huh lol. Of course I enjoyed fireworks later that night and DC surely FORCED me to enjoy an extensive show that lasted WELL AFTER...and I do mean WELL (emphasize it to the tenth power) a marathon of fireworks.

Then BAM!! Just like that...its back to work!! When is the next holiday again? Crazy to think we are HALF way through the year...just wow!! I had a great weekend...extended weekend...a gal can get used to this!

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