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Cozy Essentials

Being a Winter Baby...I enjoy the season of cold weather. I am a proud homebody so of course hibernating this season it's imperative to hunker down n be away from the chaos with essentials to stay cozy and the excitement I get at any chance of snow means it's time to sound the alarm n break out the Cozy Kit to get in my comfort zone. I'm here to share my Top 5 Must Have's for getting snow'd in...

I don't live in Colorado...Minnesota...Chicago n nem spots that have blizzards of snow. Here in the good ol' DMV, the city will shut down for less than 2 inches. I am a survivor of what we called in 2010-Snowmaggedon! I remember leaving work ON MY BIRTHDAY from the fire dept to driving home to when a 30 min drive took over 3 hrs **cue horror screams** yes, horrible. Being in a less essential position has led me to the perks of NOT risking my life going into the office and so I take advantage of staying home n extend my experience with essentials to get me through the winter n calls for snow.

Now first n foremost...lemme harken back to this Nike Phoenix Boucle becuz I will DEFINITELY be cuddled up on the couch in this set n randomly scrolling social media's, catching up on youtube's n podcasts but more importantly...napping! I get up early enuff in the day to where I can squeeze one in, lol.

One of my necessities for Winter is a lounge set. This boucle couture is pretty much sold out but I have a great alternative u can move around in here. Definitely pass up on the dingy t-shirt n sweats to elevate to being a baddie in loungewear.

Two be successfully snow'd in, u should curate a soft space set by fragrance. I absolutely LOVE to indulge in anything that will enhance the home experience. The mood shifts with how the home smells. In the daytime, I'll use light scents and anything floral n citrusy. In the evenings I go to a sexier vibe with ouds n lavenders. I have 2 candlemakers who supply the needs to light up n each room gives a different experience based on the scent. My suggestions for both day n night:

  • Elevated Scents: Gleaux Candle, Orange n Clove Incense n La Lune Diffuser oil (day)

  • LeneNicole: Rose Room Spray, When Life Hands You Lemons Candle or Gemini (day)

Three: I have been addicted to utilizing is a weighted blanket. YALL...this is a MUST HAVE!! I keep it folded at the bottom part of my bed but also have extra's in case I want an elongated nap on the couch. The way this blanket wraps u iiiiiiiin....a warm embraaaace, lol. Do urself a favor u get chew one of these...or 2...ok I got three!!

Four all yall know...I am not a drinker but I do partake in a sip of wine here n there. In order to maximize the downtime of a snow day, I am LESS in the kitchen so I'm totally a snacker. A small char-coo-ter-ri n glass of red wine gives a recipe for a relaxing day as u gaze outside to falling flurries.

The wine tends to go with a lot of great popcorn which can easily be lunch lol.

Speaking of popcorn...this leads me to FIVE!! Once you have set the tone for the home n u are well relaxed, I loooooove a good binge watch. My favorite shows to overly watch would be Twilight Zone, 227, Martin, Three's Company n Fatal Attraction (on BET) but when I need a binge break, I resort to vintage movies that tickle my funny bone.

Care to share? don't mind if I do...

Serial Mom (1994) will have u 2nd guessing wearing white after Labor Day but this joint is a sleeper classic for me. Anyone who irk'd the kids was doomed haha.

She Devil (1989) is always a chuckle n one liners tickle me. A dumped housewife seeks revenge on the ex-husband n his rich mistress who's a romance novelist. I'm lowkey cracking up typing this thinking of when she dropped the kids off at Bob's new spot n the get back was just epic. It's FREE on Tubi if you'd like to check it out.

Death Becomes Her (1992): Ain't no way in hell **pun intended** ur a fan of pop culture in the 90's and did NOT see this cult classic. Watching this gives everlasting life as these beauties seek to be young forever. The comedic story is relevant to how we chase youth n aging backwards and like Madeline tells Helen...I can see RIGHT...through you, lol.

Harlem Nights (1989): I need no description nor listing if prominent characters to explain the love of this movie. If don't get the references of this movie...just unfollow me now lol.

RIP Tommy

The Naked Gun (1988): Yall...I know these types of movies can't fly in today's climate but I can't fake...the humor n parodies of the 80's n 90's will forever have me in chokeholds. I can remember going to the movies to watch Frank Drebin n cracking up as a kid cuz I love goofy movies that shaped my own comedic abilities lol. The best parts of the slapstick one liners n taught me to pay attention to the unobvious which are also hilarious when u catch on.

I know I gave u 5 movies but I can't not give an honorable mention and a CLASSIC I can watch (more than likely now) cuz it never gets old to me and it had many life lessons not to OD off gold, lol. I'm only gonna drop a pic to see if u can guess cuz IFYKYK:

Can u guess the movie? I'm laughing just thinking bout it cuz just top to bottom it was funny **sings** when the Say-YANTS go and in and in...LOL!!! I hope yall enjoy'd my cozy essentials to get through a day inside for winter and a way to weather the storm **pun intended**

Let me know in the comments what you bunker down with in cold months or what u MUST HAVE in preparation for a snow day.

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