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OOPS I Did It Again

Who would've thunk it...meeeee....lil' ol' me here again! I didn't foresee this moment in my future back when I was Class of 2019: Unfinished Business especially when I honestly didn't think I'd EVER get to my Associate's. Within my first degree, I explained how it was a long time I graduated HS in 1999 **cue Prince** n dropped the ball many of times. I get emotional thinking about it becuz it tapped into an ambition I didn't think I had. It feels GREAT to live in this moment-again!

The success in it all feels wonderful. I have a horrible trait of being a procrastinator which is why I have never modeled myself being a perfect student. Maaaaan MY age-the struggle is real. Balancing work and school is no easy road. I started off doing in class learning for the first half of my associates but I prefer online classes only. It was easier for me to dip into class during downtime n lunch at work. I also made sure to use my resources aka co-workers to help me on studies n there were many of white boards in their offices utilized to understand math problems. I worked with scientists n engineers so they were excited to show me equations lol.

This has totally been a personal achievement. When I got my Associate's it was to prove that I could start something n finish it becuz I had a bad rep for leaving things under construction (in a lot of avenues in my life). When my co-workers celebrated me, they gave me two frames n I paused. I had been very vocal on only stopping at my AA n wasn't press for anything more. I had struggled those first 2 years so why would I subject myself of torture for another 2 yrs. I felt like I did what I had to do in honor of my mom n life goes on. Nope! That extra frame put pressure on me. I didn't wanna waste a frame lol. My momentum was high n I was in a groove. Just when I was ready to toss in the towel, I received notification of grants n scholarships. Yall...I legit re-read the offer then closed it out. I AM PHKN TIED!!! Which is what I kept sayin but didn't wanna leave money on the table so I hit the ground running-AGAIN n took summer classes as a head start.

Success looks different to everyone. I didn't do this for promotions becuz I am not looking to be a doctor or lawyer. I admire anyone on their academic journey especially if you're over a certain age. My old azz was in class with kids who were born when I graduated high school. Don't know nothing bout etcher sketchers but I utilized they azzez too. They helped Auntie out lol n helped me pass. There were times I had to dig deep. I've sacrificed many of outings n events with friends n family. They understood I had to hibernate for the weekend to get it done. I shed tears of frustration n wanted to quit more times than I can count. I work better when my back is against the wall n surprisingly would knock it out the park n score higher than anticipated.

I am hotter by two degrees lol. Am I done? YES-for now! I will say...when your job offers tuition reimbursement n opportunities of FREE education...take advantage of it. For me, I've been in my career field long enuff to where my experience outweighs a degree so I am not worried about the competition of college kids fresh outta school becuz I'm on a senior level wit my skills **flicks nose** if I decided to pursue my Master's I wouldn't be in a rush. Yall...I took 3 classes one summer and 5 classes this spring semester...PHKN FIIIIIIVE. Too many classes is overwhelming. I wouldn't do more than 2 classes per semester. My favorite classes were criminal justice classes becuz I'm such a detective in my head lol. I learned a lot with my classes in effective communication, parenting today and communications n gender. Those courses definitely infused its way into everyday life n I learned to better my own communication especially wit the male species. Even a grants n proposal class which will come in handy in my current workplace. There are many benefits to academic enrichments.

I just want to say...THANK YOU ALL for the words of encouragement during this time. Thank you for pushing me n checking on me when I went dark on socials. Thank you for the #Starbucks donations lol. Yall know I neeeeeded them joints n my degree should've been sponsored by they azzez as much as I leaned on em lol. It takes a village! Truly! I chased this dream to compete wit myself n I WON!!! This accomplishment extends beyond me to show my kids it can be done. I used our handprints on the cap to leave a mark on my purpose. I didn't intend to set this bar n I hope I am around to see my babies surpass what I've done (without my monies haha)...after completing my BA, I am looking forward to my first free summer. Oops! I did it again...EEEK!!

Last but not least...**cue Snoop Dogg** I WANNA THANK ME!!

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