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Best of 2021

I dont know about chall but I know about us and's been a helluva year. Aside from extending the concept to work from home into the year (I am NOT complaining) I have been grateful n proud to be afforded a lot of opportunities which pushed my growth and tested my patience all the while allowing me to be myself. I am big on integrity and not saying YES to things that don't serve or value my brand. I have no intentions of misrepresenting myself for a dollar or exposure to build a following-I am not press! What is for me...will be and these blessings I've been receiving reveal themselves as proof I'm headed in the right direction and doing something right.

As we inch our way to the finish line, this is where we reflect and contemplate resolutions for the upcoming year. Throughout the remainder of this year, I will be dropping the highlights of events and accomplishments which have been quite memorable. I am actually excited because it gives me a chance to relive these moments. This year of review has taught me so much. This year has been a full transformation in addition to my journey of refinement. I like to play the New Year Resolution game because it gives me a chance to come up with a theme of the year.

Allow me to refresh ur memory to this years theme: Year of No Expectation.

Looking back on this theme, the beauty of the outcomes from having this mindset led me to connecting, linkin, networking, collabing n building friendships I never expected. To give a sneak peek; within my series of Best of 2021 be on the lookout for:

  • DMV Pageant

  • Dedication to Rose Brunch

  • Wine Down Wed

  • VIP w/Sassy Jones

  • I wanna thank ME

  • Honorable Mention: Wrap Up of 2021

What about chew? Has this year been kind to u? Are u reflecting to see where u can make improvements for next year? Pause and think of all the accomplishments-big or small-that made u smile.

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