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2023: Year of Execution

Happy New Year!! I know, I know...we almost in Feb lol. The fresh start of the new year is where resolutions are born n we all want do overs n clean slates. Tis the season for vision boards right?! While I do love the ambition in the air for the pledge of **insert goal** I find it easier for me to have a theme for the year.

In my Birthday Post, Ooooh Forty Tew, I've listed previous themes to kick off my new year. Whenever I veer off from the theme, I can go back to it to get back on track. Referring back to the why puts me back in my purpose to see it through. This is tough to ponder before Jan so I reflect on previous years to see how far I've come. I am proud of myself. I have seen n felt so much growth within these past few years. I can tell by the decisions I now make which would've been the opposite before or hasty decisions which would've costed me in the latter years aka present.

2023 will be my year of execution. I chose it becuz previous years have led me to this point. I've built up enuff confidence through overcoming fears to where I can now use that ability to put the plan in motion n implement a way to completion. We sit on so many talents n end up with regrets later in life. I no longer want to operate in a place of fear n scarcity becuz when u move out of love there's nothing u can't achieve. Even a failure is success becuz it's simply another chance to get up n do it better. Ain't that why Glorilla love tomorrow, lol.

I can look through my camera roll n see unreleased material n broken promises from myself to share content n I don't want them to live in storage of iclouds. Hard work goes into bringing an idea into fruition. I love snapping pics n sharing my shopping finds along with engaging with the audience. I've really seen how my platforms have grown n that's not even working my full potential. I don't want to conform to the pressures of keeping up wit the social media head honchos n know it's not my lane to splurge on the latest trends.

How am I gonna stay on theme for 2023? I have no clue. I am building this as we fly n coming out of my shell to not be stingy. My notes be filled with blog post ideas n I've totally dropped the ball on my #WerkCouture whew...that was a lot to keep up with. I still have no idea with how Tik Tok works haha but I am present (@daintylaydee). It's still a beautiful morning EVERY Saturday on IG with my Sip Trips. There will be repeat case u missed it the first time. There will be unseen pics from the repeat posts cuz I'd hate to bombard yall on one post wit too many pics lol and plenty of follow up to styles. I get requests on where'd I get **insert outfit** and every outfit tells a story.

Thank yall for helping me find my voice...I think I'll utilize it more n honing my communication skills to expand past saying hmmm n ummm when speaking. I am still quite shy n it's hard for me to articulate a point when I wanna be mindful n think before I speak in the moment. I've had a great time behind the mic when invited to be apart of wow...yall think that highly of me to think I'm not just special but entertaining haha. Yall have been amazing taking chances on lil' ol' me.

Execution means I will need to incorporate some structure n discipline...this is where I usually fall apart **cue cookie crumbles** becuz I've been such a free bird. I hate forcing anything becuz I don't wanna jeopardize the integrity of my name n brand. I take pride in myself too much to serve yall half azz-ness! This is why my theme will be such a challenge. Its gonna take some focus n sacrifices on the ladder to execute. It's gonna be uncomfy along the way. I wanna keep the thrill of doin it scared. I feed off the mystery of not knowing what's next yet trusting what's behind the door isn't a ZONK...or even if it is...I'll make the best of it n keep trying. I'm looking forward to more opportunities to be a brand ambassador of brands n businesses that align with my motto: Inspire, Motivate, Elevate. Wheeew 2023...Let's gooo.

What are you looking forward to this year? Resolutions u may have? Themes u may adhere to for the year? I love the accountability so by all means...stay on my azz n keep fire to foot. It's appreciated becuz iron sharpens iron!!

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