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01 October

And another 30 days later **drum roll** Hellooooo October n Goodbye September! They say as u get older the time moves faster n dmn if they ain't lying. We went from Back to School to heading into a School of Ghouls. Aaaaah I love this time of the year though. Seasonal change does mean one thing for me...getting sick **reaches for tissue**

I am starting the month off recouping from being sick **le sigh** which I'm not really surprised. Between my kids n I, it's expected around the seasons n never fails with temp changes. I've been well rested n soon as I'm back fully with taste buds (I can vaguely taste but it's nothing satisfying). Nonetheless...the array of pumpkins n change of leaves brings me joy every time.

Being as tho it gets dark by 730p now, I can enjoy TV before bed n create time to indulge in my love for scary movies. I am a horror fan n those kid cult classic films so traditionally, I will be watching: Hocus Pocus, Beetlejuice, Witches, Nightmare on Elm Streets (Freddy is my fave) and my all time fave....

I adore this film so much. It's such a timeless message of acceptance. I even thought of dressing up like Magenta this year! I can't wait to see how creative we get with Halloween costumes. They seen to become more elaborate every year lol.

Johnny Was dress
Dress: Johnny Was (Spring '23)

Vintage Doctor Bag
Vintage Dr Bag from Ebay

Vince Camuto Mules from Nordstrom Rack
Vince Camuto Mules from Nordstrom Rack

I know we entering into this weird space becuz the year is almost over n shyt slows down where u look back like...where has the time gone n what have I been doin? Did u hit some goals or fall short? These are the things I pause on as the year is winding down. Trust me, ur not alone!! I'm still learning to pace myself n make small strides which turn into big gains.

Welp!! Holiday season is kicking off n I am excited to see what October shall bring. As we close the books on last month...let's look forward to fresh starts.

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