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01 March: Reset

Welcome to March. I am excited for the first of the month's becuz its a good time to RESET! I can feel the rejuvenation in the air with the weather changing...daylight savings time looming to Spring forward and the urge for the country to get back to a sense of normalcy with these mask on or off. It's like...our prerogative at this point lol. February was a short yet felt longer than usual to me. I was able to crush my own challenge with my RedLipsOfLove post which I am VERY proud of cuz it surprised the hell out of me. That led me to think of another challenge to self this month.

I definitely know I want to do a fasting of some sort. It'll be for 5 days to start me off. Maybe not eating after a certain hour or taking a break from Nordies...I know...unlikely right lol but just saying...I need to reset and meditate on some things and I think this method will bring some clarity to situations that ponder in my brain on which direction to move. I know I need to read more and definitely want to dip back into an exercise regimen. I gotta get a routine and challenging myself keeps me accountable.

I am looking forward to the seasonal change and taking a trip to indulge in the Cherry Blossoms downtown (DC) becuz it's turned into sort of a tradition since I've started after having my Toot and this year will be my 4th time. The peak bloom is towards the end of the month so I'll prolly make it a skip day from work (and Mason for school cuz I mean...I'll need a photographer **evil grin**). The weather can be tricky. We have peek-a-boo days where it gets over 65 but then drops back to winter time within 24 hrs. So crazy...we call it New Moan Ya Weather!! A few years ago we had a full on snow day on the first day of Spring.

I have a balcony to also clean off becuz although outside will be open, I'm still naturally a homebody lol. I want to puuuuurge n make room! My weekly blossoms shall resume and I will visit local nurseries for plants. The natural light that comes in makes my house a home and I love walking in my door to see flowers. The smallest of joys that make a big difference.

So here's to new beginnings, the start of women's month, fresh challenges and a full reset for the month to be better than the last month. I am excited and will continue to do weekly posts...maybe twice a week-OOH!! Maybe that could be my challenge..hmmm...who knows!

What are u looking forward to this month? Anything u looking to accomplish? Need a do over? For those who go through seasonal depression, the sun will shine longer soon. Fresh air is right around the corner to embrace and enjoy. I'm ready to be amongst the people n have some picnics at the park :)

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