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A Passionate Planner

One of my favorite books to tote around is a daily planner. I am famous for writing a "to do" list everyday especially when I'm in the office becuz I can prioritize n stay on task throughout the day. When someone requests my time or day; I am quick to respond with "let me check my books". While I'm sure many find it quicker to just jot down important dates in their phones they keep handy; there's something in writing it to SEE that helps me retain events. This year, I decided to buckle down on being even more organized n grabbed TWO planners to suit my lifestyle n act as spiraled assistants.

This is my introduction and first planner from La Femme Luxe Life as it came highly recommended. It's simple yet chic and I love it. I've already cracked it open and began to jot down my life for this month. This will be my main planner which will stay either at home or work.

I love the hard cover of planners. Makes em sturdy and this one comes with a luxurious dust bag-so luxe! I like to see my months from a birds eye view then use the weekly sections for random notes throughout the month. If your looking for a size great for on the go...THIS is it. It's not bulky and also comes with this gold pen-writes like a dream. There are other valuable features such as a monthly dashboard for dates to remember, goals and a quick to do list on the page. In between each month there's a small section to make wellness goals and even a tracker for a 30 day challenge. This has definitely been my main planner since receiving and gets utilized throughout the day for updates.

How to Self Care and Daily Plan wearing Victoria's Secret
Luxuriously Lounging in Victoria's Secret Robe and Sequin Pants

Book'd & Busy is my 2nd planner and my 2nd year of grabbing one. I enjoyed last years so much I knew I wanted to hop on early for pre-sales n have it at the top of the year. The one last year came with a dust bag (which will be used for the new one) while this year it came in a gift box. Now this planner is bulkier. I carry totes so size ain't a biggie for me! It also has more features with stickers n bookmarks to make planning more detailed n fun. There are 3 versions to accommodate ur lifestyle n a quiz to see which suits u best. I skipped doing the Deluxe last year and to be honest, u can't go wrong with any of them; however, if ur a newbie to this...the one I have is a safe bet.

There are quirky additions in the book like a monthly social media calendar and brand personality worksheet amongst a host of other features I'm sure you'd enjoy. I have yet to really start n dig into this one yet becuz I need to really set the mood to enthrall myself into the book. Do I wanna partake in the vision board inside? Ponder my bucket list? Whatever the case maybe...I gotta spend extra tiiiiime on this one and have it mirror my Femme Luxe on for the month. I am also transitioning important notes from last years to this one as well.

While 2022 has started off a tad rocky...these planners are motivating me to kick organizing into high gear. My life is within these pages and more reliable to me than storing my visions and upcoming appearances in a phone-especially when the phone dies lol. Are u a planner lover? Do u effectively keep monthly notes digitally or by paper? I am always open to tips n tricks on anything planning :)

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