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01 June

Hellooooo June!! did we get here! They say; time goes faster the older u get n I'm scared to see what that looks like in my 50's sheesh. This month, kids are gearing up to be out for the Summer n **sniff** I'll have a whole SENIOR on my hands this Fall. I want to enjoy the mild weather as much as possible becuz I am NOT looking forward to sweltering HEAT!! But...the pools are open n I wanna use that amenity-after I get braids lol.

I've been so busy at work, I do look forward to our newfound holiday of Juneteenth but even with having the longest day of the year in 19 days; I can't lie...I still feel like I'm playing catch up from earlier in the year. I mean...yall do realize in another 6 months we'll be jingling bells BUT I can order to appreciate the time minute by minute; I take it 'one day at a time'.

My Summer Plans consists on catching up with yall on my Sip Trips or after. If anyone is up for the challenge of a coffee date before 0900a let me know. I am also flexible for happy hours after work during the week as well n I got my crab eating partner on lock during this season. After being out of the loop these last few weeks, I definitely want to reconnect with yall n show my appreciation for friendships. Becuz I know life gets busy, carving out a solid 2 hrs or so makes such a difference n then erybody can be on their merry way, lol.

I would love to encourage everyone to GET OUTSIDE n enjoy the essence of summer with being OFF the phones more often than not. I've been loving conversations with strangers as of late becuz we all NEED each other in a way texting n replying to comments n DM's just can't satisfy. Maybe I'm just a welcoming spirit cuz strangers flock to me as if they know me or I'm getting a whole life story by just stopping pass the sample stand at Wegman's lol. Nevertheless, I always leave the interaction with a warm sense of gratification. You'd be surprised what chance encounters can get u or lead u towards. I am open to receiving my blessings n life is as short as the season itself.

My June will be EXTRA quiet, not just becuz I ain't got no bidness shopping or becuz I've yet to share my growing amazon haul which I craft from my Amazon Storefront if ever u need inspo. Don't forget, this month includes Father's Day!! I definitely have tons of Men's Guide previously posted here n I definitely have fun finds in my Bae Bag section of the storefront. I don't know how crafty I can be for the recipients this year becuz ByeDen ain't paid my student loans off yet, lol and I gotta prep for Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!!

Enough about my babbles, what chall got goin on this month or the Summer? Let me know in the comments below.

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