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01 January 2024

Happy New Year!! Our day to reset the year n recharge intentions as we celebrate getting thru a whole 365 days. I am not a party goer so I typically fall asleep before the ball drops. Going into this year was no different. On NYE, I am fully engaged in the Twilight Zone marathon then loosely straighten up n lightly purge. There's no cookin' of black eyed peas (I never ate those) or ancestral traditions here-I snack all day!! I woke up 5 min before the ball drop becuz I doooo like to see that part.

I can confidently say I've come into 2024 truly at peace. The calmness within the house was perfection n I have an optimistic energy to conquer whatever my heart speaks. I don't do resolutions but I love a good theme:

Reflecting on my 2023, I think I did a pretty good job adhering to the theme. I was consistent with my blog goals n pulled off taking over Rickflections Radio for my "Man Overboard" Show with the help of my girls. That was fun!! I've been taking greater pride in my baby (blog) n I know it's only UP from here. I've currently been deliberating what my theme this year will be. I start decluttering my brain to make space for clarity so my theme will come to me. This is mainly why I like spending time to self for NYE cuz stillness WILL unbluuurrrr some thangs.

I keep TWO planners!! My Book'd n Busy one and a pocket one to keep me organized. I gotta keep em mirrored but fell off from my Book'd one the last few months smh...I'll do better!! I'm using this day to enjoooooy the FIRST of the month n beginning of the year while prepping n planning! I am looking forward to my birthday in 25 days for sure.

Anyhoo...are we excited for the "redo" at the top of the year? Any plans u didn't get to knock down that u wanna roll over into this one? Ready to take on the world with a bigger approach n vigor? EEEEK!!! HAPPY NEW YEARssssss (I like the S's lol).

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Jan 01

Happy New Year Sisssss!!! - Jessica Marie

kisha m
kisha m
Jan 01
Replying to

Happy New Year!!! Add me to ur rotation lol.

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