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Winter Solstice 2023

Here we are...another day...another month...another season! I embrace all seasons because I love change and to live on a coast to experience all 4 seasons is beautiful so u can pay attention to the mood n energy of nature as the weather shifts, traffic patterns change and a gloss of grey skies n early sunsets dictate our behaviors. I can't imagine being in Alaska from November to January in complete darkness! 

If u are a nerd like is also known as the shortest day n the longest night (hence why its feels like 10pm at 5pm when the sun sets waaaay too early for our liking). This is where Earth is closer to the Sun (in Dec/Jan) n we tilt away from it on its axis (I had a whole science project of this in elem). The weird part is...the Sun is lower in the sky and where we receive less sunlight n warmth...if you've noticed in the last few years, we've had some eerily warm days and/or nights IN Winter. I have no explanation for that n I ain't the one to go into no conspiracies or theories...I just find it a bit...straaaaange! 

I will not continue to bore u with #WinterSolstice Fun Fax lol even tho ur shadow on solstice will be the longest all year around noon time that day becuz of the sun being at its lowest arc across the sky...ok ok ok I couldn't resist. Aside from the foolishness, I am a total astronomy nerd but sadly, my grades for the class didn't reflect it. As a C student, once u incorporate math into the equations you'll lose me. It's a tricky science to studying the universe n galaxies so to use analytical thinking n logic is beyond me. As challenging as it was-book wise...I enjoyed the science n physics to learn the fundamentals of cosmo chatter beyond what our minds can comprehend. If u could understand how minut we are in a space n time so far ahead our biggest wow! Humble urself with binoculars n gaze upon a cluster of twinkling stars.

If u are still here...thank u for withstanding my quick Kosmic Kisha moment haha. This Winter season is where I will do as always...hibernate but this year I do want to remain connected in whatever capacity that may be; i.e. coffee dates, scheduled FT's, lunch/dinner dates, random hey girl hey's n check in's. It doesn't have to be much but the gesture alone is appreciated. We are in such dark times with so much goin on WE NEED to stay connected. I toss all the jargon of Winter up there to also toss in the idea of paying attention to the shifts in the seasons. I am totally in tune with my body n can tell when a reset n pause is needed. I have been challenging myself to expand the days with being productive in the mornings n incorporating exercise (pilates) has helped tremendously to beat the blues. I am a horrible snacker ESP in the Winter so I do want to look into tips n tricks on a better diet. I AM NEVER GOIN VEGAN...i am too loyal to chicken!! 

Welcome to my Birthday season and Happy Winter

**tosses scarf across neck**

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