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Who Me?

As #WomensMonth is coming to an end...dmn this month over already-sheesh; but I received a call earlier this month. I actually thought it was. an emergency becuz I am NOT a phone person n anyone who knows me is well aware of the notion. I instantly answer the call cuz the one on the receiving end feels the same way so it must be something haha. Well...a soft voice greets me n proceeds to invite me to her podcast. She gives me the whole presentation of why she chose ya girl to join her n little did she know...I had already said YES from the moment I seen her name pop up on my screen.

The MRS. Kim Brown from a podcast her and her husband host called: Marriage Moments which can be found on all podcast platforms. I've been watching this couple grow for years as they've used their platform on FB to talk about the rawness n ups n downs of their love. She's done many speaking engagements to share her story n journey with parenting as a single mom to finding love and blending the family as well as her recent moments in dealing with grieving. I recently touched on this in a previous post: Lucid Dreams becuz we are at the age where our parents n grandparents are gonna start dropping like mixtapes. I was honored she thought that much of me to be apart of her "Ladies Night" segment becuz I support n admire her work. She is actually one of the few people I can't say NO to becuz I trust her n we have history!

I was looking forward to this recording and the meetup in the Underground Lab. Yall may recall my time there previously being apart of Wine Down Wednesday's with DJ Shane. I must say...Kim knows some pretty dope women. We all gathered as strangers and left with an addition to our sister circles. I went in blindly. I planned to toss in a quick intro about my blog n roll wit the punches. I think I'm quite witty to wing it n freestyle haha. In true VIP fashion, Kim treated her guest-US-to some refreshments and we chugged it down with some Hux Spirits which was delish.

Please know even as a "non-drinker" I took a squiggling to taste a little bit of em ALL n this chocolate bourbon is my FAVE!! I like fruity drinks but this will definitely be ordered as a nightcap **hiccup** So this session had us laughing n crying throughout. It was an honest discussion n I appreciated the vulnerable moment we shared together. It was definitely everything I didn't know I needed. Overall, it was a good phkn time. After awhile, I forgot we were recording becuz the convo was just that organic. Normally, when u meet new heaux u gotta sit back n peep the scene. We all jumped in head first. The convo swayed from family life to losing loved ones and there was such a breakthrough where we all in that moment were there for each other in a special way. Like...with each story shared; u could really feel it being IN the room. This is why I think it's so important to set those intentional dates with ur girls to check in n pour into each other. Life be life' n there's no need to burden our companions wit girl talk n gossip (news flash: these men do NOT care bout our real housewives tales). We need more of these "Ladies Nights" moments more often to continue cultivating that relationship which grows as we get older. There's moment where we dealing with death, kids bout to go off making us empty nesters (3 yrs for me but who's counting) n changes in life as it relates to marriages n even divorce-We NEED each other.

The Underground Lab in Camp Springs, MD
The process in capturing a pic is an episode in itself

THANK YOU KIM!! For inviting me and thinking so highly of me to kick it with u and extending ur girls to me. It was such a safe space and I'm glad to be apart of it. I'm getting more n more comfy on the mic yall...ioooon know...a gal can get use to coming out her shell. Networking has been paying off. Be sure to check out Kim's Ladies Night Episode which drops Friday and catch up on their Marriage Moments-it's actually pretty good.

Proud of Kim for picking up her passion again after hiatus. Linking up some dope women...bravo my love! I love how we are finding our tribe that just so happen to be women goin in the same direction. This shyt is amazing!! The girls who get it-get it. I ain't gotta toss out disclaimers cuz they just automatically understand the lingo...wheeeew! This is a relief.

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