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Werk Couture: Sweater dresses

We are coming up on our quarantine-versary! This March will be a whole year since the pandemic forced us to be working from home. I am NOT complaining. I had already silently been wanting more of a teleworking lifestyle to get a break from the Mon-Fri hustle n bustle which had me looking forward to holidays for an extended weekend. Well, Well, careful what chew ask for.

DMV Blogger wearing orange sweater dress from ASOS
Drip Deets to follow...

With #WerkCouture at a standstill n cobwebs growing in the closet, I grew leery on when if ever I'd get to play dress up again n be in the office. Alas, if only for a moment...I was able to make rare appearances in the office during the Fall Season. One of my favorites to wear...anything #sweaterdress for the win!! It's quick to toss on n easy to accessorize.

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress on their days off that are the most intriguing." Alexander Wang

The neon trench, orange sweater dress n leopard slingback are from ASOS a few Spring's ago. My camo scarf is from ICON Fashion boutique.Anything quick to save me time in the am is my go-to n cozy sweater dresses are like my onesies. For the 2nd look, this dress n boots is from #Nordstrom which I grabbed last Spring on sale. Next best thing for the boots are here. If u noticed a trend would be the mixing of prints. Leopard n Camo is easy one for me n perfect to try as a beginner becuz either of the 2 pair well with just about anything.

They are also easy transitions into Spring season n the trick to accessorizing is keeping it simple with adding a pop of SOMETHING!! I am into mixed prints so the bold color of the dress paired perfect with the camo scarf n leopard combo. The trench was the contrast needed to tie it all together. What's ur favorite go to look for a quick look n am I the only one who misses playing dress up in the office?

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