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Vinegar Valentine

Today is the Holiday of Love! Hundreds of dollars will be spent on chocolates n candies, marked up roses, teddy bears n cards in celebration of St. Valentine. I know a lot of guys roll they eyes to hit us wit the "I love u everyday" n all of the excuses to convince us not to play into the day-WE DO NOT CARE!!! Ask me to be ur Valentine n gimme gifts!!

I will spare yall the blurb of the history but u can read at ur leisure here. While we LOVE some love...I wanted to bring to ur attention there's space for everyone...even the ANTI-VDay-ers called Vinegar Valentines. I came across this article last year n was cracking up. the Victorian Era imagine u getting mail on this day excited to see the note read "From Secret Admirer" n proceed to read the love note which reads:

"Roses are red

Skies are blue

Poo is brown

U smell like it too"

Vinegar Valentines are nasty grams from ur secret haters lmaoooo!!! Now of course in today's fluffier times nobody would make a market for these "love notes" to send the message you've been silently sayin (we also have enuff of the trolling done online now) but the post cards of vinegar started out as lightweight jokes and meant to be playful n sarcastic. These messages of love faded during the 70's and often times not delivered becuz the post office found them too offensive. We've since grown to focus more on what it's blossomed to today with fancy dinners n gifts. But I just can't not share some of my faves:

Disclaimer: Here at Balls of Beauty we don't promote bullying or pushing folks over the edge. Learn how to read the room n know ur audience before passing on such "kind" gestures.

Thank you!!

Don't mind my dark humor, I hope everyone enjoys a beautiful Valentines Day. I love giving tiny gestures of thoughtfulness in celebration of the holiday. There's no need to overthink it or feel the pressures to out do or go overboard caving into the abundance of advertisements just to show ur love n admiration. Relaaaax, we're just recouping from Xmas.

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