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The Gift of Blossoms: 2020

After 2019, I enjoyed my experience of seeing the Cherry Blossoms so much that I made a pact with myself to visit every year. Peak bloom forecast was March 21-24th n unfortunately it was a week after our normal lives was halted by a pandemic. My last day in the office was Friday, March 13th (the irony right lol), 2020 when we officially got declared for a National Emergency due to outbreak of the vid. EVERYTHING was cancelled.

While during that week everyone was glued to the TV n scratching their heads to figure out WTF IS GOIN ON, it was hard for people to grasp being indoors. The beginning of the full peak, people still flocked n adhering to the 6ft rule was laughable. Park Services n the Mayor strongly urged folks to reconsider partaking. In efforts to "flatten the curve" (yall remember that lol), I risk'd it all to once again keep my tradition goin. However, my "risk" was always lowered becuz again...I am always up n out to rise with the sun or often beating it to where I move when it's less people-y.

I didn't do much of a photoshoot cuz I already wasn't suppose to be out in them streets lol but to be honest...I only stopped to gaze becuz I had went to my grandma's to make sure she was straight with groceries n etc. She doesn't live too far n as I headed home, I swung pass. I didn't walk far n parked as close as I'll ever be again since it was so empty.

Dmn! what a time to be alive or live through I guess!

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