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Summer 2024 we are again...back at Summer!! This is my obligatory change of season type post, lol. The longest day of the year n it's been kicked off with sweltering temps to welcome us into the season.

Kids are out for the summer. Camps are expensive these are yall coping with such an expense? I love seeing how the parents are gearing up to send kids off to college n smile at scrolling pass all these beautiful milestones across my timeline.

I've been seeing baby announcements, marriage proposals, new jobs n opportunities celebrated n it just warms my heart to see so many blessings bestowed upon everyone. So what I got goin on this Summer? Lets seeeee....

Absolutely NOTHING planned this Summer!! No flights booked, No islands to visit and No sights to see unless it's a spontaneous trip or staycation nearby. I am working on paying as much DEBT off as possible before 2025 n if that means skipping luxuries, so be it. I have no problem sacrificing now to enjoy the fruits later. My home is made with everything I need to enjoy whatever destination yall fly to with a flick of the wrist to tap my remote or place the oculus around my head to jetset off, lol. I do look forward to many sunrises on the balcony, laying out in my hammock n evening strolls. Yall know I love how short the season is and by the time u read this, it'll be back to school sales n Fall Collections being previewed :D

I hope u all have a great Summer n enjoy all the gifts the season has to offer while staying cool becuz this heat-ugh!! Any plans? Big or small...share them below!

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