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Summer 2023

Is it me or does Summer feel...different? Like yea according to the calendar it's here but weather wise it seems to be running late! I can still enjoy my windows being open n we get these teaser 80 degree days here n there but for the most part...I can still get away wit a sweater dress, smh!! we are...Summer is HERE!!!

Any plans? Nah, not really!! I plan to be local aside from spontaneous getaways here n there but I'm not catching flights nor have any feelings bout it lol. I do plan on taking a Summer Sabbatical from social media to be more of a creator instead of consumer. It's hard to find the balance when u get caught up in rabbit holes. To clear out some of the chatter, I think it's a good idea to take a step back n be productive in other areas of my life.

My plant life is still on n popping! We've been thriving since the summer of the pandemic n it's absolutely changed my life for the better. There is something so soothing about spritzing them every morning as my routine n keeping up with watering once a week or so. I am going to revamp my balcony to enjoy sunrises n sunsets as meditation space.

Now yall know a consistent for my weekends...Sip Trips!! I am working down on cutting down my coffee intake n if I can get it down to 2 days a week u can betcha by golly wow, Saturday is on the list.

Although Summer is not my favorite season, I can make the best of it for the short period of time we have to "enjoy" it. The best part is it gets dark later but the heat part...I'm NOT looking forward to.

Summer 2023: I am outside but not yall outside lol. I'm at concerts but not festivals. I'm at brunches but not spots that require paid parking. I am up n at em but my day is done by 2p. I love late night strolls n random car rides with the sunroof open n RnB tantalizing my ear. If u REALLY wanna a karaoke make it old school RnB n my imaginary mic comes out. U will not find me around hookah spots but u may catch me where jazz performs. I can try out fancy grass walls but I'm not doin no waitlist...never that **hair flip** and for the most part...I am staying out the way! I hope everyone has a safe summer and u know where to find me ;)

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