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Style Story: Martha's Vineyard Couture

On this beautiful Saturday, I just KNEW this Lewk would be fitting **pun intended** and surprisingly, the inspiration is from a stranger a few weeks ago at a coffee spot. She came in n as subtle as the outfit was, I took notice n studied the styling. Once I had the memory in my head, I challenged myself to recreate it for my own and here we are.

As she stood in front of me in a blue n white stripe loose dress, it was giving relaaaaax. She wore taupe shoes (which I thought paired oddly well) n a black pouch tucked under her arms. Have u ever made up someone's story in ur own head by their presentation? Well I did and this is truly how my Saturday Sip Trip was created.

If I had to guess her name, it would be Katherine. "Kathy" was an older lady being accompanied by her husband whom she met in college somewhere upstate. They have 4 grown kids n at least 6 grands who keep them young n busy as they travel to Chicago or even Florida to visit them. The most I assumed from her outfit was...there must be a beach house involved. Now while, I totally don't know her or her story, she totally put me in the mindframe of Martha's Vineyard.

I've had this oversized shirt dress in my wishlist for a few summers actually n once I had the foundation of the look, I started envisioning how to complete the outfit. In paying homage to "Kathy" I wanted to keep it as simple as she did yet make it my own. Since I kept envisioning her stepping off her patio that led to the beach in her backyard; I accessorized as such:

These seashell earrings were the perfect touch n look better in person. I think these would be a good summer time accessory esp to kick up a quick look: white tank top, jeans, flats.

I've also linked alternative shells below:

Please note u will need to doctor this dress up to bring it to life vs wearing it as is. I used my sleeve cinchers to keep the sleeves up n rolled em a few times to cuff. Although I like my dresses more to the max-like dragging on the floor MAX; this will suffice for now. It's not see thru thin but I'd suggest something under it (I wore shapewear shorts n strapless bra) n I purposely got the biggest size at 3x mainly for the length n to fit as oversized as possible so I look like I'm gliding as I walk. While "Kathy's" may or may not have come from Talbots; if I come across this style in a brand with greater quality, I'd definitely invest becuz I know I'd get the wear out of the cost.

More than likely, I'll always wear this dress loose but to show some raaaaange, I figured I'd toss on a belt to give it some shape if u choose to desire such an effect. Since the sleeves are cut in like a batwing/dolman effect, you'd definitely need to wear something under it to account for the rise in cinching the waist. This belt set ($17) comes in a set of 2 with many color combos.

The older I am getting the more simplistic I want my style to reflect such as I'm in a place of peace n tranquility. To accent a blue n white stripe anything with shades of brown was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

The typical me would've totally paired this dress with a splash of red so I almost felt like I was betraying myself to neutralize the look was also refreshing becuz while I muted myself n toned it down; it still garnered me the same attention-if not more with such a classic look. That let me know; it's not what u wear but HOW u wear it n the magic hits when YOU bring it to life.

I absolutely enjoyed sashaying to Misha's Coffee spot this morning as I casually entered with my white converse mules to keep it lowkey n later turned into Wonderwoman with my Sam Edelman mules. The dress can go from cookout to night out with a little switcheroo of the accessories n shoes-THAT is the kinda outfits I'm building...aaaah versatility!!

I wanna thank "Kathy" wherever she may be n let this be a lesson to keep ur eyes peeled as u frolic these streets becuz even strangers can become an inspo u never knew u needed. Have u ever found urself recreating a look from someone in passing? Comment below and share.

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