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Sip Trip Saturday #fail

Sip Trip Saturday is still on n popping...I am typically doin my infamous "Beautiful Morning" signature walk by 0730a and enjoying time to self for a solid two hours. Within those hours I am posing, people watching n checking in to my socials wit a quick greeting. I prefer my #SipTrip posts to drop by 0900a and as u can see today...eeeh I missed that mark.

I have no problem admitting I mismanaged my time these past few days n dropped the ball on getting this weekends feature out on time **cue accountability** n currently typing this from the comforts of my couch **checks clock** One thing I don't want to do is half azz yall so I'm dropping in with a quick note for those who look forward to this space with coffee shop ideas n inspo! I will do me.

These are the joys of content creating...building as we fly. I almost didn't post anything but wanted to show others that while shyt ain't perfect...u can still make it work with what u got. Don't let the comparison to other bloggers n etc keep u from practicing ur craft cuz we ain't got a full production team-I am a one woman band. Get out ur head with overthinking!! I am appreciative of the tribe I've grown who still rocking wit me no matter what-Love yall much!! Sooo look forward to getting back on track for next weekend :D

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2022

You still look good. orange 🍊 ya glad you got the BALL to rolling!

Did ya grab all the puns that I mentioned???😂😅

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