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Sip Trip: Lift Coffee Shop & cafe

EEEK!! After a holiday hiatus; Sip Trips is back!! I was able to look back at previous #SipTripSaturdays n became extremely proud of myself. I've turned these mini moments of woosah for me into adventures of small n local coffee shops. It's fun looking for cafe's off the grid n outside of the big commercial chains. I love the intimacy n welcoming atmosphere walking in where the staff is attentive and patient. Highlighting the shops I visit have been fun for other coffee lovers to put on their radar if and when they are within the vicinity.

It also doesn't hurt to these rendezvous give me a chance to play dress up n Sip n Pose!! For the first featured coffee shop of the year, I found this one in the heart of Richmond's Art District called Lift Coffee Shop. Walking into the shop fits right in with the theme of the block.

A plus for me-always, is the locally roasted organic n fairly traded coffees offered. Everything if fresh and made to order with breakfast sandwiches, bagels n paninis. If ever ur nearby after "coffee hours" aka the afternoons, they also offer beer n mimosa's too. Also note, they do have vegan options!! My favorite discovery was walking to the back while waiting for my Lavender Latte n finding an outdoor seating area....I said...oooh...this is gonna be fun!

The menu has everything from Brown Sugar Lattes, Mayan Mocha (chocolate, cayenne n dash of cinnamon) n once I seen Lavender; I couldn't pass up on it. I keep reminding myself AFTER to NOT order Lavender becuz in general-it's bitter n strong. I gotta stick to my caramel's n mocha's. Nonetheless it was good.

As u can tell (or not), I didn't technically dress for the occasion becuz this pit stop was spontaneous. I am so glad I found this gem (also nearby is a men's thrift shop). If ur in a hurry for breakfast food just note this isn't fast food. I typically love dining IN to force me to slow down n pause with life. U get a chance to take it all in and people watch n really stop to smell the roses. Dining in gives me gratitude n slows the pace of grab n go! I can fully observe how the staffing treats everyone who walks in the door n it's always good to see locals visit n get called by name. I am HUGE on customer service!

It's always a Brew-Tiful Day in the neighborhood with Lift Coffee n aside from the cafe, the local shops n entertainment will lure me back in the Spring. So if ever ur passing thru Richmond, VA; definitely stop pass n check them out.

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