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Sip Trip: Coffee Date

Here Ye, Here Ye!!! I hope u laydeez can join me for an intimate coffee date in July :D I've been so out the loop these last few months with LIFE that I wanna reconnect in person to feel the love n energy of my girls.

These last few weekends have been spent scouting out the perfect spot n I've finally landed on a space that not only has good coffee but also a comforting aesthetic that felt like home. Also note, this isn't just a blogger's event, lol. I want my friends to mingle n feel as though we can all blend in and encourage each other with good times with or without a camera.

This coffee date will also mainly be WITHOUT A CAMERA!! I want us to be as present as possible, but also know...there will be a photo op involved at some point. The best moments are rarely recorded ;) so without further ado....

Sunday, July 14th from 0930-1130a

Turkish Coffee Lady

1001 King St.

Alexandria, VA 22314

(in Old Town Alexandria)

The manager was gracious enuff to host us for a private area **pinky wave** and space will be limited so I need those of u available to grace me with ur presence to RSVP NLT 09 July in the comments so I can keep track n count of the attendees.


Randomly Asked Questions

  • What is the theme? Great question. No strict theme, just ask urself...What Would Kisha Wear (WWKW) n go from there. If u need inspo, I got u covered becuz all of my Styles for Sip Trips can be found --->here

  • How's parking? This is why I like early birds!! We get the worm AND good parking. I parked 2 lights away on N Fayette St. becuz it's ample parking n easier to leave out from becuz King St n N Henry is BUSY. Also note, it's a Sunday n Alfred St Baptist be having that area on LOCK for the Lord so...pack thy patience.

  • What if I don't drink coffee? No prob! Water is always an option, lol. Nah but for real, u can take a gander at the menu-there's also tea if you'd like.

  • Is there a rain date? No! This shindig is INSIDE but I totally understand if the weather is rainy n gloomy or hell...u just don't feel up to it n you'd want to un-RSVP! I'm flexible for one-on-one's at later dates with any of yall :D

If there's any other questions or concerns...yall have my number where u can leave a message after the beep and **cue Jade** we'll get back to yoooou...tooo yooooou, lol hahahaha!! I miss those days **le sigh**

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Jun 27

I am SO there! I can’t wait ☺️thank you for the call out… I think 🤔 😏😆


Jun 26

I’ll be there. The coffee shop is so cute. Looking forward to it.

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