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Shapermint Crew

The unsung hero to pulling a look together...shapewear. How can u live without it? I know for me-I cannot. Shape wear is the cherry on top to making an outfit look pulled together before stepping out the door. From head to toe whether it's a cami top, shorts or full on me...u NEED these in ur life.

I've been testing these out since last holiday season. I wanted to make sure before sharing my findings, they'd be durable but more importantly-COMFORTABLE!! That is extremely important becuz what I'm not gonna do is walk around trying to be cute n feeling like I'm holding my breathe or gasping for air when seated. I am happy to report...Shapermint doesn't disappoint. The key to the perfect fit has been to order true to size.

During hibernation season this winter, these high waisted leggings have kept me cozy n the best part is how movable they can be. Whether ur lounging at home or doing an errand run, these leggings are a treat. I love how this keeps me sucked in.

Ok so if u notice a pattern, I am all in favor of ANYTHING high-waisted. It just gives me security to keep things nipped n tucked from the stomach down. My favorite of the bunch is no doubt the Everyday Empower Mesh Shaper Shorts. I've gotten mine in 2X and these haven't let me down. The star of the show isn't how well they smooth u out with compression but this is the FIRST TIME I've been able to find shaper shorts that don't roll up on me AND the top band for the waist doesn't budge! I am VERY impressed.

If you're still here...thanks!! You're in for a treat...SURPRISE!!! You too can celebrate your shape with my code KISHACREW20 when u order Shapermint.

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