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Shady Heaux: Eye Couture

Updated: Jun 19

While this post is off the cusp, definitely remember the title: Shady Heaux for if ever I collab n have my own sunglass line out. Now that I've tossed that in the atmosphere to bless me later...let's go...

If it's one thing I know I'm good wearing SUNGLASSES!! I keep multiples in my purse, car, at work...everywhere! I have prolly 3 treasure cases of shades I've collected over the years and still growing. While I won't get into the history for the love of shades, my favorite inspo who kicked off my love for shades n my favorite shapes...those will soon cometh. For now, I wanna share my recent splurges from Amazon (from March **tee hee**) I've been meaning to share cuz while I am prepping for tomorrow's Sip Trip the bag tumbled over like heeeey...remember us, lol.

Note: I'll link em via clicking the pic

The 90's style never left my closet n I'm glad to see it "come back" n I wanted to take it back to the Salt n Pepa "Whatta Man"days becuz when I get dressed I often times have a song in my head for inspo n the oval style glasses remind me of the simple days when Boyz n the Hood was on repeat.

Now I'm typically NOT a trendy sunglass lover. If u see more than 10 people across ur TL wearing a trendy style-I'm already over it. When I seen these it put me in the frame **pun intended** of a Missy Elliot video n I am always down for a mirror and anything oversized...SOLD!!! They aleady look like ski goggles but any color outside of black can get cartoon-y.

These are by far my favorite of this bunch (remember I have more **cue evil laugh** ) becuz of the shape n moreso style. I instantly thought of my favorite CULT CLASSIC movie:

These are gonna be my Nino Brown's cuz I liked how in the one scene he had the tiny circle looking joints that complimented his crown haircut. Dope **definitely no pun intended** shades just tend to find me and if your curious of more sunnies up my sleeve...I keep a running list in my Amazon Storefront: Eye Couture.

I kinda like my catchy title; let me know what I should call my sunglass series in the future n if u have any faves from this post. Definitely tag me if u grab a pair...or two B)

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